Parineeti 15th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 15th April 2023 episode starts with the Bajwa family returning home while Rajeev sees that Pari has fallen asleep.

He tries to wake her up but Neeti sees it and gets jealous.

Pari wakes up and says that her head is spinning while Rajeev tells her to come inside and rest.

Neeti helps her stand while Rajeev talks about Ravi being shocked when he realizes that the bride is not Kavya but Pratiksha.

Bebe asks Rajeev if he would do the same as Ravi has done while Pari looks shocked.

Rajeev states that he can never do that since he loves Neeti.

Pari leaves there remembering Rajeev getting married to Neeti while Neeti wonders if Rajeev is trying to convince her that he loves her.

Inside the house, Parminder teases Monty by saying that she saw how he was dancing with Nupur when he was dancing with her.

She starts lecturing him while Monty's father tries to calm her.

Back outside, Neeti looks straight into Rajeev's eyes as she states that Pratiksha is doing right as a Dharampatni has the right to bring her husband on the right track if he even thinks about cheating.

Just then, they see Pari having difficulty walking and ask her if she's fine while Pari reveals that she keeps on having blackouts.

Rajeev tells her that he'll help her get to her room and she falls into his arms while Bebe holds Neeti back.

Rajeev picks Pari in his arms and takes her inside while Neeti cries feeling betrayed and helpless.

Meanwhile, Rajveer asks Monty if he wants to get married to Nupur and Monty gets ideas as he tells his father to talk about marriage with Amaira instead of Nupur.

Just then, Rajeev brings Pari inside and she states that she has been feeling dizzy since she took the medicines at the Randhawa house.

Outside the house, Bebe instigates Neeti saying that Pari intentionally gave the idea of her being the surrogate mother so that she could snatch Rajeev from her.

Bebe tells her that Rajeev does not love Pari not but he will if she gives birth to his child.

Neeti states that she will not let anyone take her husband and states that she will not let Pari come in between her and Rajeev at any cost.

Bebe smirks as she thinks that if Neeti keeps on being influenced by her, the family is going to break soon.

Later, the doctor checks Pari and scolds the family saying that they should have let Pari rest after her being in an accident and checks the medicines.

She gets shocked to see that they are sleeping pills and berates the family for being careless.

The doctor tells them that Pari might even lose her child if the family continues to be careless while Rajeev thinks that he has to find the attacker who is after Pari.

At the same time, Bebe thinks that her hands are tied because of Neeti, otherwise, she would have ended Pari's chapter a long time ago.

Afterward, Rajeev tries to convince Pari to drink the milk since she needs to have the medicines and tells her that she needs to drink it since she is pregnant with his and Neeti's child.

Bebe taunts asking if there is milk for only one person and Chandrika goes to get milk for her while Rajeev confronts Bebe.

He states that they need to take care of Pari since the accidents happening are not just accidents but attacks.

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