Parineeti 15th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 15th February 2023 episode starts with Rajeev telling Pari that he is buried under guilt for his behavior toward her.

Pari orders Rajeev to stop feeling guilty for her as there is no relationship between them anymore to this Rajeev replies that Pari is very important to everyone in this family.

Meanwhile, Gurinder grunts in her room angrily when Rajeev arrives there.

Rajeev apologizes to Gurinder for yelling at her and tries to make her understand that Pari can never harm Neeti’s baby since she loves Neeti like her own sister.

Gurinder angrily states that truth cannot be hidden always and it is a fact that Pari and Neeti are "souten".

She even tells Rajeev that he may love Neeti but Pari still has feelings for him while Rajeev looks like he will explode in frustration.

Rajeev informs Gurinder that nowadays he does not know what is happening in his life anymore with tears in his eyes.

Gurinder puts her arm on Rajeev’s shoulder to comfort him.

Further, the next morning, Pari tells Chandrika that she is making Neeti’s favorite breakfast to cheer up her mood to which Chandrika replies that it will take time to heal Neeti.

When Pari and Chandrika start getting nostalgic about their childhood memories, Gurinder arrives there.

Gurinder again taunts Pari for ruining Neeti’s life causing Pari to lower her eyes.

On the other hand, when Neeti wakes up, she finds the other side of the bed empty and starts calling Sanju’s name.

Rajeev arrives there with a cheerful smile and announces that he has arranged everything just like Neeti loves.

As surprised Neeti lowers her feet to put the slippers on, and Rajeev squats on the floor to help Neeti.

Neeti watches in awe as Rajeev puts the slipper on her feet and afterward Rajeev takes Neeti to the washroom in his arms.

Inside the washroom, Neeti finds "Sanjnee" written on the window and when Neeti asks Rajeev about it, Rajeev states that it symbolizes their name.

They then start brushing together forgetting about all the issues and a bright smile spreads on Neeti's face.

This happiness does not last long as when Rajeev tries to hug Neeti from behind Neeti orders him to be careful about the baby out of habit.

Neeti's face instantly falls as reality hits her but Rajeev again picks up Neeti in his arms to distract her.

Afterward, Neeti tells Rajeev that she will carry on the guilt for killing her baby for the rest of her life to which Rajeev replies that this dark time will pass very soon.

Meanwhile, Pari gets a call from Pratiksha's aunt (Pratiksha from serial Dharam Patni) who invites them to Pratiksha's wedding and Pari agrees.

Pari informs Rajeev about the wedding when he walks into the kitchen.

Rajeev tries to deny it but Pari reminds him that this wedding will act as a distraction for Neeti so they should go and Rajeev nods.

Afterward, Pari even convinces Neeti to go with her reminding her that they call Pratiksha their sister.

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