Parineeti 15th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 15th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 15th January 2024 episode starts with Rajeev and everyone going to the police station where the policeman and Rajeev break into a fight.

Pammi intervenes and tries to balance things after which the police says that he will start the investigation.

Meanwhile, Rakesh's father is worried as Rakesh has a heart attack when Rajveer comes and angrily asks him where Rakesh is.

MLA yells at Rajveer and says that he does not know where Rakesh is.

Elsewhere, Rakesh video calls his goon who is hiding near Rajeev and is carrying a gun.

Rajeev says that the next time he calls him then he should kill Rajeev without any hesitation.

He then turns to Pari and says that if she does not co-operate then he will kill Rajeev and use his burning corpse as the holy fire for their pheras.

Meanwhile, Rajeev's car is not working which makes Rajeev sit in the car with the police.

Back at the godown, Rakesh is all dressed up and yells at the Pandit for not yet lighting fire after which the Pandit whispers into his wife's ears that he does not know the Mantra for marriage as he is not a marriage pandit but a kriyakaram pandit.

Rakesh yells at the goon who brought the Pandit and then asks him to immediately leave and bring the right Pandit.

He then apologizes to Pari for the stupidity of his goons.

Later, Rajeev and the police reach the MLA, Mr. Ahlawat's house, where Rajveer is already there, and start looking for Rakesh over there.

Mr. Ahlawat says that he does not know where he is and nor does she care.

Mr. Ahlawat's wife says that she does not care if Pari lives or dies which makes Pammi furious and she starts throwing things to the floor.

After Rajeev's family leaves, Jay enters and tells Mr. Ahlawat that Rakesh is in the godown where he is trying to marry Pari.

Meanwhile, Rakesh says that whenever he tries to marry Pari then something or the other happens after which he holds Pari's hand who is trying to escape.

He tells Pari that if she angers him then he will call his goon and ask him to kill Rajeev after which he says that no doubt Pari looks good all the time however she should drop this angry look.

He clicks her picture and shows her saying that he got scared of her anger-filled eyes.

Rakesh then gets a call so he excuses himself after which he receives Neeti's call who asks him if he got a heart attack.

He tells her that he was not pretending as he had a heart attack and then says that Neeti should have informed him soon by using her brain.

Neeti says that it is because of her that Rakesh got to be with Pari and then says that she does not want him to spill water over her strategy.

Rakesh then sees his mother who is crying seeing him after which he shares the good news of his marriage with Pari to her.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ahlawat comes from behind and slaps Rakesh tightly across his face.

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