Parineeti 15th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 15th June 2023 episode starts with Bebe taunting Pari by saying everyone has seen her on the same bed as Rakesh.

Pari does not say anything even when Bebe confronts her for having feelings for Rajeev despite knowing he is Neeti’s husband.

Bebe sternly states that if Pari does not marry Rakesh, she will tell Neeti the truth about Pari’s marriage with Rakesh.

She even yells that Neeti’s marriage with Rajeev will also break because of Pari and Pari runs away from the kitchen.

On the other hand, Neeti gets a call from Rakesh who orders her to abort Pari’s baby as soon as possible otherwise he will take the step.

Meanwhile, when Pari enters her room, her eyes land on Neeti’s picture and the tears start rolling down her eyes as she cannot lose her friendship with Neeti.

Opening the window, she starts sobbing uncontrollably which gets noticed by Chandrika who is walking in the hallway.

Chandrika enters the room, asking Pari if she is okay or not and Pari breaks down as Chandrika pulls her into a hug.

She admits that her heart will be crushed if Neeti breaks her friendship with Pari and that Bebe has warned her that if she does not marry Rakesh, Bebe will tell the truth to Neeti.

Chandrika gets stunned to hear this but Pari runs away from there muttering that she cannot say anything more.

Watching Pari walking away, Chandrika thinks to herself that she has to talk to Bebe as she cannot let anyone blackmail Pari.

As luck would have it, Chandrika collides with Bebe in the hall whom she confronts for trying to blackmail Pari.

Bebe does not answer instead she shuts the door on Chandrika’s face and then she starts going through her closet frantically.

At the same time, she hears a knock on the door so she runs to open it only to find Neeti standing at the door.

Neeti pats Bebe’s back softly for manipulating Pari when Bebe reveals that she has warned Pari that if she does not get married to Rakesh, she will tell Neeti the truth.

With a sigh, Neeti reveals that Rakesh has warned her to get rid of Pari's baby otherwise he will not marry.

Bebe urges Neeti not to worry as she is sure Rakesh will not do anything while Neeti says that she hopes Rakesh is not planning something.

Later, Neeti orders Rajeev to eat something before going to the office when Rakesh arrives at the house with his family and a band party.

Rakesh announces that today is the haldi ceremony which is why he is here with his family and Bebe runs to call Pari for the celebration.

Looking at Rakesh's grinning face, Rajeev changes his mind about going to the office as he thinks he needs to stay in the house while other family members start making arrangements for the Haldi function.

Meanwhile, when Bebe informs Pari that Rakesh has come for the Haldi function, Pari's face falls yet she gets ready for the function.

Pari sits down beside Rakesh with a disguised face and one by one all the family members come forward to apply haldi on them.

When it is time for Neeti, Pari looks at her with pleading eyes but Neeti just applies the haldi on Pari's face without looking at her.

At the same time, Rajeev approaches Pari and Rakesh and he intentionally dumps the whole plate of haldi on Rakess's head.

Noticing this, Neeti drags Rajeev away while Gurinder apologizes to Rakesh on Rajeev's behalf.

Neeti scolds Rajeev for trying to ruin Pari's marriage but Rajeev confronts Neeti for trying to marry off Pari knowing full well that Rakesh is a bad person 

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