Parineeti 15th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 15th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Bebe and Neeti enjoying their victory thinking that Pari is no more in this world.

Meanwhile, Pavni's mother takes Pari to her home and takes care of her whereas Rajeev's condition deteriorates, and he suddenly wakes up crying and wondering where Pari has gone.

Gurinder and Neeti come into his room hear his voice and try to console him and say that everything will get fine, but Neeti tells him that Pari is no more in this world as she falls from the cliff.

Rajeev does not believe in her and Pammi comes there along with Rajveer to see Rajeev then he asks them if they found Pari or not and Pammi tells him that they couldn't find her.

Then, Rajeev goes out of the ward to search Pari while Gurinder asks Pammi if Rajeev will get fine or not or if he will lose his senses behind Pari.

Rajveer says that Rajeev has received a big shock, and he is not able to process it whereas Pavni's mother asks Pari to tell the things that happened to her and how she reached in river.

Pari recalls everything and she becomes terrified after that Pavni's mother asks her to not worry and tell her what happened and considers her as a mother, so Pari tells her everything that happened to her.

Pari cries hugging her and telling everything that happened to her and how her friend and husband ditched her after that she gets unconscious, and Pavni's mother becomes worried for her.

She asks the maid to call the doctor and Rajeev goes out of the hospital after which Neeti also comes behind him to see him while he keeps on running whereas Monty requests her to look after Rajeev and bring him back.

Neeti assures him that she will bring back Rajeev and she goes behind him while he gets unconscious after which she brings him back to the house whereas Pavni's mother asks her maid to prepare lunch as today she wants everyone to eat together along with Pari.

Pari asks her who is she and why is she taking care of her as a mother then Pavni's mother asks her to consider her as a mother and not worry whereas Rajeev wakes up and has a headache and he remembers Pari after which Neeti comes there.

She tries to take care of him while Pavni's mother tries to feed Pari, but she refuses and says that she cannot eat whereas Rajeev says that Pari would have suffered a lot, and he couldn't help her.

Gurinder feels bad for Rajeev whereas Pari thinks that even Rajeev wanted to kill her so she should end her life as she does not have any reason to live.

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