Parineeti 15th March 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 15th March 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 15th March 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update, Episode 24

Today's Parineeti 15th March 2022 episode starts with Pari tearfully asking Rakesh about Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Shera is amazed to see Rajeev's resistance in cheating death so many times and gives credit to Pari’s prayer for protecting him.

In the meantime, Biji teases Mandeep for pacing in her room while Mandeep gets offended.

Despite Herman's warning, Mandeep accuses Pari of having an affair with Rajeev and also includes Gurpreet in the process.

Although Biji has faith in Pari she goes to investigate Mandeep's accusations for Pari.

In Pari's room, Rakesh is not pleased to see Pari worrying about Rajeev and threatens her with Rajeev's life.

Afraid to believe him Pari tries to escape, however, Rakesh shows Rajeev's picture with Shera to Pari, making her stop.

Afterwards, Rakesh blackmails Pari with Rajeev's life into marrying him.

Re-binding his 'Sehra', Rakesh gives Pari a choice, while Biji and Mandeep come inside and question Pari about loving the bridegroom.

Knowing about Rakesh behind the 'Sehra', Pari responds negatively.

Later, Nupur asks Mandeep about Simar while Harman taunts Mandeep and goes in search of Simar.

In Pari's room, Pari reacts violently at Rakesh's touch while Rakesh assumes it to be Pari’s shyness and asks to marry him.

However, Pari stubbornly refuses to marry Rakesh and proudly reminds him about her family support.

Subduing Pari's bravery, Rakesh reminds her of Rajeev in his custody, who is just a phone call away from his death.

For the sake of Rajeev's life, Pari saves Rakesh from Gurpreet's investigation and asks him to not harm Rajeev.

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