Parineeti 15th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 15th March 2023 episode starts with Bebe telling Neeti that this time she will do everything as per Neeti's instructions.

Bebe goes on to say that she will only tell Neeti the plan if she promises to work on this plan with her.

In reply, Neeti informs Bebe that she does not want to kill Pari in a low whispering voice.

Bebe then announces that her plan does not involve killing since she remembers how Neeti yelled at her the last time.

As Neeti starts contemplating Bebe’s words, Bebe pretends to walk away saying that Neeti does not want to execute the plan.

Neeti orders Bebe to stop when the memories of everyone praising Pari come rushing back to her.

Meanwhile, Chandrika and Pari are cooking in the kitchen when Pari notices the look on Chandrika’s face.

Pari pleads with Chandrika to reveal what is bothering her to which Chandrika replies with a question about if she has noticed the change in Neeti’s behavior.

Without thinking much, Pari replies that she is sure Neeti is just worried about her reports since they have tried so many things already.

On the other hand, in the room, Bebe again starts manipulating Neeti about how Pari has wrapped everyone in the house around her finger.

Neeti accepts her fault for not seeing Pari for who she is since she is the one who brought Pari back into the Bajwa house.

As Bebe reminds Neeti that she always warned her against Pari but Neeti never listened to her, Neeti urges her to reveal her plan.

Back in the kitchen, Chandrika grabs Pari by her arms asking her if she has really not noticed how Neeti is maintaining her distance from Pari as if she is hurt very badly and someone is manipulating her.

Pari tries to deny this but Chandrika announces that she will stop talking to her if she does not reply honestly.

With a sigh, Pari informs Chandrika that she too has noticed Neeti's changed behavior however she is sure that Neeti is just stressed about something.

In the meantime, Neeti requests Bebe to reveal the plan as she wants to kill the snake without breaking the stick and Bebe whispers her plan in Neeti's ears.

Later that night, Monty gets surprised to find both Amit and Rajeev working in the living room so he tries to lighten up their mood by asking them if they have taken permission from Parminder to work in her house rent-free.

Amit and Rajeev both scold Monty for being childish all the time to which Monty replies that only Pari is sincere in this house.

He reminds Rajeev that Pari is the one only who saved not only him but also his company and as soon as Monty walks away, Rajeev confesses to Amit that he wants to thank Pari in a special way.

Just then, Gurinder walks in and reveals that she is unable to sleep as the events of today are continuously replaying in her mind.

She expresses that she is guilty of treating Pari rudely all the time and announces that if it was in her hand then she would have changed Pari's life.

On the other hand, Pari is feeling upset recalling Neeti's rude behavior toward her when Parminder questions her if she is okay.

Pari tells Parminder that she is worried for Neeti's health to which Parminder replies that she knows Neeti will become normal very soon.

Pariminser then expresses her wish of finding a partner for Pari who will love her selflessly.

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