Parineeti 15th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 15th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Chandrika asking Pari to not defend Neeti every time, but Pari asks Chandrika to not say anything to her.

After that, Chandrika asks Pari why Neeti is showing so much care and concern for Gurinder all of a sudden after which Pari says that Neeti is feeling helpless as she is not able to do anything for Gurinder.

Just then, Chandrika asks her why Neeti didn't save Gurinder from falling as she was present there while Pari does not say anything, and Chandrika says that Neeti is very clever as she fights with dangerous goons so why didn't she save Gurinder.

Meanwhile, Pari recalls that Neeti was arguing with her about how she won Gurinder's heart, and she gets confused after which Rajeev comes there and asks Pari why she is so stressed.

Pari does not say anything, but he asks her to not hide anything from him whereas Pammi asks about Neeti from doctor after which she gets to know that the doctor does not know Neeti.

Pammi becomes anxious and she searches for Neeti after which she scolds her and asks her why is trying to harm Gurinder, but Neeti acts innocent in front of her.

Then, Pammi asks her to not do drama and accept the truth that she still wants to harm Pari, and she takes her to the doctor's cabin and asks him why he allowed Neeti to go to Gurinder's ward. 

After that, the doctor says that he knows her which surprises Pammi as earlier he denied accepting that he knows Neeti whereas she defends herself in front of Pammi and says that the doctor asked her to clean Gurinder's mask and put it again.

Neeti says that she was doing the thing that the doctor asked her, but Pammi came there and snatched the mask from her hand and put it on Gurinder's face.

Pammi stands still while Neeti goes away from there after which Pammi comes out behind Neeti and asks her to stop her drama which provokes Neeti.

Neeti acts innocent and asks Pammi why she always targets her and lashes out while Pammi says that she knows she is demeaning Neeti every time.

Pammi replies to her and says that both of them know the truth, but enough evidence is not there to bring it in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, Neeti pretends to be offended and says that Pammi is blaming her as the culprit of Gurinder after which she decides to leave the house while Pammi holds her hands and says that she does not care about her.

Pammi warns her from going inside Gurinder's room whereas Bebe secretly overhears their conversation whereas Pammi tells Neeti that she will look after Gurinder and not allow her to go in Gurinder's room.

Then, she goes near Gurinder's ward whereas Neeti meets Shally, and she bursts over him whereas Gurinder feels suffocating, and the doctor checks her.

Bajwas becomes anxious whereas Gurinder gets flashbacks of the things that Neeti did to her, and she suddenly goes into a coma and stops responding.

The doctor becomes disappointed and tells Bajwas that Gurinder has gone into a coma which shatters everyone's heart while Rajeev is not able to process it.

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