Parineeti 15th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 15th May 2023 episode starts with the police inspector telling Rajeev that he has doubts about Rajeev and will do his best to get rid of them.

Rajeev looks at the police inspector with a anxious expression while the police officer asks the constable to look around the room to find Raghu.

On the other hand, in the hall, Bebe tells Gurinder that till now she used to think Gurinder is the most notorious woman in the world but there are more dangerous women out there.

Gurinder and Parminder look at Bebe with confusion as they are unable to comprehend what Bebe is saying and Bebe starts pretending that she is suddenly feeling sick.

Bebe then walks toward the table to grab a glass of water and she glances at Raghu for a brief moment since Monty, Amit, and Chandrika, nearby are holding Raghu.

She thinks to herself that she needs to help Raghu get out of the Bajwa house otherwise she will be ruined so she bends down in the middle of the hall, screaming that her leg is hurting.

At the same time, they notice the constable lurking near the corner so Monty, Chandrika, and Amit drag Raghu away much to Bebe’s disappointment.

Once they lay Raghu down on the bed, Chandrika starts bluffing about how they look innocent yet they are gangsters.

Chandrika’s bluffing irritates Amit so he takes Chandrika aside to remind her that they only need to watch over Raghu until the police leave.

Meanwhile, the police inspector informs the rest of the family that they have searched every corner of the house but there is no sign of Raghu so it will be better if the Bajwa family stays alert.

Bebe stares at the police inspector with a stern expression on her face, thinking that the police force is an idiot since they have not searched the room which has Raghu inside.

After the police force leaves, Rajeev goes to confront Raghu in the room when Raghu escapes the room and Rajeev runs after Raghu to grab him.

Rajeev finds Raghu in the hall who orders Rajeev to stay away otherwise he will throw the flower vase at Rajeev.

Raghu even gives Rajeev a hint about the real culprit, saying that someone from this house has given him money to kill Pari who will also help him to run away from the house.

As Raghu is distracted, Rajeev starts walking toward him slowly but Raghu notices the movements soon enough so he runs away.

Meanwhile, Rajveer tells everyone that he has invited Ranjhan to come here as he does not want Rajeev to get into any trouble with the goon.

Rajveer clarifies that Ranjhan is a very strict police officer who knows how to get the truth out of a goon and Bebe along with Neeti gets scared even more after hearing this.

When Neeti walks out of the hall, she finds Raghu in a room sulking so she approaches him, asking him to leave but Raghu denies claiming that he wants to prove to everyone that he is not the one who has committed the crime.

He accuses Neeti of committing sin for trying to kill a pregnant lady which causes Neeti to flinch so she justifies her actions, saying that Pari has married her husband behind her back.

Raghu however soon reveals to Neeti that he wants her to shift the blame of harming Pari on anyone else in the family and Neeti agrees to do so.

Meanwhile, Pari notices Raghu in the room so she alerts everyone in the hall and everyone starts walking toward the room while Bebe texts Neeti nonstop to alert her.

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