Parineeti 15th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 15th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev flirting with Pari after which Chandrika pulls her leg then she becomes shy and blushes.

Meanwhile, Neeti secretly notices everything after that she meets Pari alone and says that Rajeev is mad at her love while Pari tells her that Rajeev has changed a lot.

Pari tells Neeti that she is blessed to have Rishabh as he loves her a lot more than Rajeev loves her but Neeti refuses to accept it and says that no one can love his wife more than Rajeev.

After that, Pari asks her to not worry then they go back to their room while Pammi and Pari get busy with preparation as Rishabh's family is coming in the evening to see Neeti.

Later, Pari does an aarti of Rishabh after which his mother asks her why she is hurrying to do everything and why is she doing Rishabh's aarti as it is done during the wedding.

Then, Pammi gives justification to her and says that Pandit Ji asked them to do it so that all the great and bad things cannot stop the wedding from happening.

Rishabh becomes excited to see Neeti while Pari notices it after that she tells Chandrika about it whereas Neeti is not happy with her wedding with Rishabh.

Neeti and Rishabh sit together for further rituals after that she acts like having a headache then she gets up and goes from there after that Pammi is about to go behind her.

Gurinder asks her to look after the guests and she goes to see Neeti and asks her why she came back then Neeti tells her that she is not interested in doing rokha with Rishabh.

Neeti asks for her reports from Gurinder after which she calls the doctor and asks about it after which she tells her that a delivery boy is coming in a few minutes along with her reports.

After that, she calls the delivery boy and asks her for the report after which he tells her that he is reaching there after that Neeti comes out along with Gurinder.

Meanwhile, Rishabh's mom talks about Neeti with her friend and says that she has done early for fixing Neeti's wedding with Rishabh as she finds Neeti's character doubtful whereas Pari overhears her conversation and scolds her for it.

Pari asks her to not doubt Neeti and she can cancel the wedding if she does not like Neeti after that Rishabh's mother asks Pari to tell about certain things after which she becomes sure that Neeti is okay for Rishabh.

Later, Pari performs for Neeti along with Rajveer and Amit after that Neeti also joins them and she does the drama of being unconscious which attracts Rishabh's mother's attention to her.

Chandrika tells Pammi that she is feeling weird after noticing Neeti behaving like she is having a headache after that Rishab's mother also says the same and tells her friend that she was a nurse and she can tell by seeing the face of a lady what problem she is having.

Rishab's mother says that she wants to check Neeti's background before marriage after which Neeti says that they can check her background and delay the rokha ceremony while Rishab says that he loves Neeti and wants to marry her.

After that everyone dances while Neeti receives her report and gets to know that she is pregnant then she thinks about how will she tell everyone about it while Pari comes there and notices her reports.

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