Parineeti 15th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 15th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 15th September 2023 episode starts with Pari crying and telling her emotions to Babli regarding Neeti stating that she has changed a lot now as earlier she never used to hurt anyone.

She decides to leave the home just for Neeti's happiness.

On the other hand, Rajeev tries to defend Pari in front of Neeti saying that Pari is an innocent woman and most important thing she is Neeti's best friend.

He explains to Neeti that she should think good for Pari after which he requests her to not exaggerate the event anymore.

Neeti says that time will tell who is speaking the truth while Rajeev makes a weird face and goes from there.

Meanwhile, Babli tries to explain to Pari that this belongs to her equally as it belongs to Neeti.

She tries empowering Pari to fight for her rights but Pari denies stating that she has finalized that she will leave this family.

After a few hours, Bebe comes to meet Rajeev and asks him to resolve his relationship issue with Neeti.

She also tells him to stay away from Pari as because of her, Neeti and his marriage are on the verge of separation.

Rajeev gets confused and says that Neeti and Pari are best friends so he expects a mutual understanding from both of them.

He further asks Bebe to change her perspective towards Pari but Bebe gets angry and goes from there.

On the next day, Pari calls Gurpreet and asks her to call Gurinder stating that she wants Pari to go to her father's house as it is considered that the first child delivery should not take place at the in-law's house.

Her mother asks her if everything is fine or not but Neeti ignores her and says that she will talk to her later on.

On the other hand, Gurinder taunts Chandrika by saying that Neeti is her favorite daughter-in-law as she takes care of her while Chandrika feels sad and goes away from there.

Rajeev tries to calm her till Pari comes there and Parminder asks her where is she.

Neeti scolds Pari again and asks her to act normal as everyone gets terrified when she behaves abnormally and after that, she goes to hug her.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet calls Gurinder and tells her about a ritual where first child delivery is done in the daughter's father's house.

Gurinder gets confused and says that Parminder is the elder in their house so she wants her to take the decision.

Parminder takes the call and says that such kind of rituals are not celebrated in their house stating that she wants some time to think about it and cuts the call.

After some time, Gurpreet calls Pari and gives her a promise that when she is there, she will tell her the truth.

On the other hand, Chandrika is chopping vegetables while sitting at the dining table during which Parminder comes there and asks her if everything is fine between Neeti and Pari.

Chandrika says that she doubts as these days Neeti is not behaving well with Pari while then Parminder says that there is some big reason why Pari is hiding from them.

On the other hand, Neeti praises Pari for making such a bold decision and asks her to not come back to the house.

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