Parineeti 16th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 16th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 16th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 16th February 2023 episode starts with Rajeev urging Neeti to stay happy and let him love her.

As he puts his head on Neeti’s lap, a soft smile appears on her face and Neeti orders Rajeev to stop acting like a kid.

At the same time, Parminder arrives there with breakfast for Neeti causing Rajeev and Neeti to get embarrassed.

While Parminder states that Pari was bringing the breakfast but Gurinder made her cook breakfast for her, Rajeev makes up the excuse of needing to call someone urgently.

After Rajeev walks away, Parminder tells Neeti to eat without feeling upset anymore.

Parminder even urges Neeti to get better quickly so she can become a mom again making Neeti sob harder.

Neeti starts shedding tears when Parminder urges her to stay hopeful.

Neeti tells Parminder that she has broken Rajeev’s dream of having a kid by not being careful to which Parminder replies that it takes a lot of courage to be Neeti as she has saved both Pari and Rajeev.

As Parminder further pleads with Neeti to stay optimistic, Neeti reveals that she cannot be a mom again.

Parminder announces that they will meet famous doctors as girls can get pregnant even after a miscarriage.

This makes Neeti upset and she informs Parminder that her uterus has become very weak due to the bullet so the baby cannot stay in there.

Parminder gets shattered after hearing this while Neeti continues sobbing.

However, Gurinder overhears this revelation, and she starts breathing heavily as her dreams come crashing down in front of her.

Meanwhile, Rajeev gets a call from his boss who orders him to come to the office as soon as possible for the meeting despite Rajeev’s pleading.

This call adds more stress to Rajeev and he starts pacing in the room restlessly.

Arriving in the room, Monty tries to console Rajeev by saying that everything will be all right soon while Rajeev states that he cannot balance everything in his life.

Rajeev tells Monty that Neeti cannot be a mom again when Monty advises him to try for it again.

Rajeev breaks down in tears as he states that being a dad is the biggest happiness for a person yet god has deprived him of it.

He even says that he cannot show Neeti his weakness as she is already dealing with heartbreak and he cannot lose her.

Monty tries to calm Rajeev down but Rajeev states that he told Neeti to be careful several times.

Rajeev even announces that Neeti should not have taken the bullet for him and Monty puts his hand on Rajeev‘s shoulder to comfort his life.

Meanwhile, Neet overhears Rajeev's litigation which breaks her heart even more and she rushes away from there.

In the room, Neeti starts blaming herself for snatching happiness from Sanju and this family.

She even yells that she has done a huge mistake because god is not giving her a second chance to correct it.

Just then, Pari arrives there who tries to cheer up Neeti by urging her to come with her to the temple but Neeti refuses.

Frustrated Neeti even orders Pari to not show fake sympathy to her causing Pari to get shocked.

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