Parineeti 16th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 16th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 16th January 2024 episode starts with Alahwat slapping Rakesh again and again while saying that Rakesh ruined his reputation and the image of his political party.

He says that Rakesh has insulted him beyond measure and then says that if he marries Pari then he would loose both his mom and dad.

Rakesh says that everything will be sorted if he marries Pari to which Alahwat replies that he will kill himself and then takes out a gun and aims on his head.

He gets scared after which Alahwat aims at Rakesh's mom saying that she will also die if Rakesh goes ahead with his plan.

Rakesh begs him to stop and then says that he will make everything right.

Meanwhile, Neeti is restless when Bebe says that she does not think Rakesh will leave the country to which she replies that he has no other option.

Babli overhears this and decides to tell this to Pammi.

Elsewhere, Rakesh goes to Pari and starts crying while saying that he is a very good person when it comes to love.

He says that he has never seen or loved another girl and has also gone against his parents however he did not listen to anyone.

He says that he has loved her more than his parents knowing that it is wrong and that is why he will marry her.

He takes her hand and starts running around the holy fire but then stops as he does not know how to perform Pheras which makes him even more restless.

Rakesh says that he won't be able to marry Pari because he needs to choose his parents however he will also not let Pari go or marry Sanju.

He gets manic and starts crying after which he tells his goon to kill Pari on his next call which shocks everyone.

Back in the hospital, Rajeev finds out that Rakesh has escaped from the hospital however Rakesh enters dressed up in his hospital clothes and pretends to act as if he does not know what is happening.

Meanwhile, Neeti sees Babli and tells her that if she opens her mouth then she will ask Rakesh to kill Pari.

Babli says that she considered Neeti as her sister but she turned out to be a monster.

Rajeev starts punching Rakesh while he starts crying and pretends that his heart is aching after which Rakesh says to the police that Rajeev has had a problem with him for two years.

The doctor comes as Rakesh falls down and pretends to be scared which makes the doctor ask the police and Rajeev to leave as it is his duty to speak on behalf of his patient.

Rakesh whispers into Rajeev's ears that he will kill Pari and send her corpse to him.

Later, Rakesh calls his goon and asks him to make him talk to Pari after which he says that he has decided to kill her so that she does not get back to Sanju.

He says that he is ready to fulfill her last wish to which she replies that she will not die and will marry Rajeev.

Rakesh asks his goon to kill Pari and then hangs up the phone.

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