Parineeti 16th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 16th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Ambika motivating Pari to take revenge on Rajeev and his family for the things which they have done to her whereas Pari eye's become teary.

Pari feels bad and finally gains the courage to take action against Rajeev and Neeti whereas Gurpreet comes to Rajeev's home but she finds the door locked after which she asks him to open the door and asks him to open the door.

After that, everyone comes into the hall and Rajeev opens the door and Gurpreet bursts over to Rajeev and says that he is responsible for Pari's death while Neeti asks Gurpreet why is she blaming Rajeev for it.

Then, Gurpreet comes near Neeti and says that she is also equally responsible for the injustice that happened with Pari and blames Neeti that she wanted Rajeev to marry her.

Neeti widens her eyes and controls her anger and does not say anything while Gurpreet curses everyone that she will not leave anyone and drag them to court and will fight for Pari's justice.

She goes from there while Pammi feels bad for her and she starts crying whereas Gurinder also takes a stand for Neeti and fights with Gurpreet before leaving but Gurpreet goes from there and does not listen to her.

Later, Bebe talks to Neeti in an empty room and they argue where Bebe counts on the obligations she has done to Neeti which irritates Neeti and she yells at Bebe.

Bebe feels offended whereas Pari tells Ambika that Rajeev also ditched her and faked love to her after that Ambika asks her how she knows that Rajeev is also involved with Neeti.

Pari tells her that she heard Rajeev discussing with Neeti that he wants to get rid of her so that he can marry Neeti and he bought a stone to throw at her so that she can fall from the cliff.

Ambika asks her to not believe in anyone the next time after that she asks her to take revenge on Neeti and Rajeev after that Pari feels motivated to take revenge on Rajeev and Neeti for ditching her.

Meanwhile, Rajeev brings Pammi into his room and tells his doubt to her that he thinks someone has killed Pari which makes Pammi think about it and she also becomes confused and thinks about it.

Rajeev again starts crying after which Pammi tries to console him whereas Ambika assures Pari that she will stand along with her in this fight against Rajeev and Neeti and make her stone so that she does not get affected by anyone.

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