Parineeti 16th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 16th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari consoling Rajeev when he gets to know that Gurinder has gone into a coma.

After that, Pammi complains to god for doing injustice to Rajeev and Amit by separating their mother from them.

Later, they return home and Mehra's family comes to meet Bajwas after getting to know that Gurinder has gone into a coma.

Shraddha ji expresses her grief after which Rajeev breaks down while Pari handles the situation gracefully which attracts everyone's love towards her which makes Neeti anxious.

After some time, Shraddha ji stares at Shally and signals whether she should talk about his wedding with Neeti or not after which Pammi notices her.

Pammi asks Shraddha if she wants to say something after which Shraddha ji indirectly asks for Shally and Neeti's wedding.

Rajeev and Pari do not react while Pammi asks Shraddha what she wants after which she tells Pammi that she wants to make Neeti her daughter-in-law as early as possible.

Pammi agrees with her and says that she is okay with it while Shally stares at Neeti because she gives a weird expression whereas Neeti murmurs that Pammi wants to kick her out of the house that's why she wants her to get married soon.

Meanwhile, Pammi also thinks the same and murmurs that she wants to remove Neeti from the Bajwa family so that they can live peacefully.

Pari interrupts and says that Gurinder isn't well so how can they carry on with the wedding after which Pammi says that Gurinder is in a coma but she can hear and understand the things going around her.

She says that wedding things might excite Gurinder and she may respond to the treatment quickly and get well after which Pari and Rajeev are convinced by Pammi.

Later on, Neeti refuses to marry Shally right now which makes Pammi anxious and confused after which Pammi taunts her saying that she likes Rajeev which is why she is refusing the wedding.

Then, Neeti gives a befitting reply to her that she likes him but only for Pari and she lies to everyone that she considers Shally as the best match for herself.

Shally feels special when Neeti mentions him as her ideal match after which they decide for the wedding functions and Shraddha asks Chandrika to bring sweets for everyone.

Meanwhile, Neeti murmurs that she is very clever to be caught by Pammi and smirks after which she goes into her room.

Pari meets Neeti and asks her to not marry Shally without telling him the complete truth after which Neeti asks her about what thing is she saying.

Then, Pari indirectly tells her that she has lost a few portions of her memory which is a huge change in her life after which Neeti says that things would not be that important that's why she does not remember them.

Neeti asks her to not discuss such things as she wants to marry Shally after which Monty asks Neeti to come into Pari's room as Pammi has a surprise for her.

Pammi shows Rajeev and Pari's wedding photograph hanging on the wall mentioning that she wants Neeti to put the same photo frame on her room's wall to make Neeti feel jealous.

Neeti handles things gracefully without showing jealousy toward Pammi whereas after some time Pari tells Rajeev that she thinks Neeti has regained her memory because she questioned her in the hospital why Gurinder mentioned her as a daughter-in-law and why Gurinder has started loving her more than Neeti. 

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