Parineeti 16th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 16th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti preparing tea for everyone after which Rajeev praises her while Rishabh says that she has made it for him.

Meanwhile, Neeti comes with a cup of tea to give to Rishabh, but she intentionally throws the report near Rishab so that he can read her pregnancy reports Pari asks her to keep it on the table as she thinks that it is her report.

Neeti becomes angry and a cup of tea falls from her hands and tea spills over Rishabh after which Neeti takes him from there so that he can clean his dress.

Rajeev asks Pari which report is Neeti having after which Pari tells him that it is her report and she asks him to open it tomorrow and she goes to see Neeti.

Neeti tells Rishabh that she loves someone else and she cannot marry him after which Rishabh says that he knows so many things about her.

Rishabh repeats the things that she has told Mohit which surprises Neeti whereas Rishabh tells Neeti that Mohit told him everything after that he says that he likes a woman like her.

Meanwhile, Pari overhears their conversation and tells Rajeev that Neeti is very different and confusing as she met Mohit and lied to him about herself so that she could not marry him.

Pari wonders if Neeti likes Rishabh and that's why she wants to marry Mohit but Rajeev says that if there was something like that then Neeti would have told him earlier.

Later, the Rokha ceremony begins while Neeti murmurs that if she will do the rokha then she cannot refuse to marry Rishabh while Bebe wonders why Neeti is not taking any step.

Just then, Neeti stands and says that she cannot marry Rishabh after which Pammi and Chandrika ask her why is she refusing to marry Rishabh she is about to tell but she feels like vomiting then she is about to rush from there.

Rishabh's mother holds her hand and checks if she is pregnant or not after that Neeti goes from there whereas Rishabh's mother says that Neeti is pregnant which makes Pari angry and she yells at her.

Gurinder scolds Pari for misbehaving with Rishabh's mother while she again repeats the same thing that Neeti is pregnant while Pammi takes a stand for Neeti and says that she is an honest girl and she is not pregnant.

After that, Bebe scolds Rajeev and Pari for finding Rishabh for Neeti after that Rishabh yells at Bebe then Pari argues with him so Rajeev interrupts in between and asks him to control his mother.

Rishabh gives a befitting reply to Rajeev which pinches Pari and she says that she is breaking Rishabh's rokha with Neeti while Gurinder meets Neeti after which she tells her that she is pregnant which makes Gurinder happy.

Meanwhile, Rishabh's family is about to leave from there but Pari stops them and asks them to ask for an apology from Neeti before going

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