Parineeti 17th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 17th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 17th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 17th February 2023 episode starts with Neeti requesting Pari to not show fake sympathy to her as she wants love, not sympathy.

Pari tries to calm Neeti down by saying that everything will be okay soon but Neeti runs away from there with tears in her eyes.

When Neeti comes to the hall, she meets Rajeev who urges her to eat with him and watch a movie together.

Hearing Rajeev’s words, Neeti gets angry as she gets a flashback of Rajeev and Monty’s conversation.

Neeti orders Rajeev to stop showering her with sympathy as he too believes she is responsible for the baby’s death.

Rajeev tries to calm Neeti who again yells at him for not showing that he is hurt causing Rajeev to get angry too.

He tells Neeti that he will not say that he is not hurt about the loss and he just shared his grief with Monty, his little brother.

As Rajeev again asks Neeti what wrong he has done by sharing his grief with his brother, Neeti screams that Pari and Rajeev are both the same who are just showing her sympathy.

Neeti and Rajeev drag their argument near the kitchen where Simmy and Chandrika overhear their argument.

Chandrika and Simmy get shocked as Neeti rudely tells Rajerev that she is not the type of girl who likes the get sympathy and attention.

When Neeti and Rajeev arrive in the hall, they both clutch the separate wall for emotional support as both of them start sobbing.

Rajeev wants to console Neeti but her words have jabbed his heart which makes Rajeev stop on his track.

Meanwhile, Pari feels shattered seeing Rajeev and Neeti both broken.

On the other hand, Chandrika and Simmy get into an argument about Neeti’s rude behavior toward Rajeev during which Simmy yells that she knows that Neeti is hurting but she has no right to be rude to others.

Chandrika mentions that for now, they need to support Neeti in this hard time as she is already suffering when Simmy yells that Neeti is lucky to have a husband like Rajeev who cares for her very much.

In the meantime, Parminder is folding her clothes when Gurinder arrives there with some sweets.

Gurinder starts buttering Parminder by saying that today she is here as Parminder’s little sister but Parminder orders her to reveal the real reason.

Gurinder informs Parminder that she wants to remarry Rajeev with a fertile girl since Neeti cannot give Rajeev the happiness of a son.

Parminder gets shocked after hearing such words from Gurinder and announces that she will not let Gurinder destroy another life.

When Parminder mentions that Rajeev loves Neeti very much, Gurinder announces that Neeti is not useful anymore as she cannot be pregnant again.

Neeti who overhears everything gets shattered as Gurinder says that society looks down upon such girls who cannot be a mom.

Gurinder even screams that she wants an heir and it has to be Rajeev’s baby so Neeti needs to go.

Meanwhile, Neeti rushes away from there with tears in her eyes and Rajeev gets confused to see her in this state.

When everyone gathers in the hall, Neeti threatens to cut her wrist if anyone comes close to her and she announces that Gurinder is right, she is useless now.

Parminder puts a hand on her forehead as her fear has come true and Neeti has heard everything.

Neeti tells Rajeev and Pari that neither she has been a good nor a good friend.

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