Parineeti 17th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 17th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 17th January 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 17th January 2023 episode starts with Pari promising Biji that she will wear this suit bringing a smile to Biji’s face.

Biji then emotionally narrates how Lalaji (grandpa) used to always get amazed to see her in suits in every Lohri.

Biji’s eyes get moist as she recalls her Lalaji and when Pari asks Biji what she means, Biji tells Pari that even if you spend a long time with your loved one, you will always feel the time is less.

This makes Pari sad as she is not Biji’s daughter-in-law anymore and feels guilty for playing with Biji’s emotions but Biji walks away after wishing Pari never to get separated from Rajeev.

Meanwhile, outside the Bajwa mansion, Rajeev and the rest of the Bajwa boys compliment Rajveer (Tayaji) for looking like a Punjabi lion.

Feeling confident, Rajveer announces happily that Parminder feels insecure as he can still find a better wife since he has a better physique.

However, Rajveer’s all confidence vanishes when Parminder arrives behind him and he compliments Parminder for looking like a flower.

Parminder gets mad as Rajveer calls her cabbage flower and the other Bajwa women arrive one by one.

Biji even orders Rajveer to propose to Parminder the way he proposed to her in the first year of Lohri after marriage.

Rajveer cheerfully agrees and breaks the wood into two pieces whereas Parminder feels shy as her children are also around.

Rajveer then offers one wood piece to Parminder so she can throw it inside the Lohri fire to express that she also loves him.

Everyone gets anxious when Parminder picks up popcorn but she throws the wood inside the fire.

Afterward, the whole Bajwa family sits on rope beds and starts chitchatting with each other in a joyful mood.

On the other hand, Gurpreet and Harman get ready to surprise Pari while Mandeet is watching Gurpreet with full resent.

After Harman walks away, Gurpreet apologizes to Mandeep for taking Harman away but it is also Pari’s first Lohri.

Mandeep however accuses Pari of always spoiling her festivals and Gurpreet urges Mandeep to stop as she feels offended.

Entering the hall just then, Harman yells at Mandeep for this which causes Mandeep to run to her room in tears.

Gurpreet scolds Harman for this but they both get ready to leave.

Meanwhile, in Bajwa's house, Biji asks everyone about the importance of Lohri to which no one can answer correctly and Biji explains that Lohri indicates that winter will end soon and it also marks the growth of new crops.

Biji even sings the traditional Punjabi song and Neeti tells her that she does not know the dance of it.

Not being able to believe someone cannot know this dance, Biji asks her if she is real Punjabi, and Neeti replies that she is.

Biji then offers to teach Neeti the dance and everyone starts dancing in a circle around the Lohri fire and Gurinder feels agitated seeing her happiness.

Gurinder puts her foot between Pari's feet causing her to fall but much to Gurinder's bad luck, Biji sees and she grabs Gurinder's braid.

Biji angrily orders Gurinder to apologize to Pari in front of everyone and Gurinder obeys with tears in her eyes.

After running away from there feeling embarrassed, Gurinder tells herself that she will teach Pari a lesson that she will feel scared to even think about marriage.

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