Parineeti 17th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 17th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 17th January 2024 episode starts with Neeti going to Pammi's house which makes Pammi ask if angrily if she is responsible for Pari's kidnapping.

Neeti acts aloof which makes Pammi say that why is she over here then as whenever she is around Pari something terrible happens to her.

Neeti sarcastically replies that she is right and Neeti only kidnapped Pari.

She confesses that she only convinced Rajeev as she loves Pammi and Rajeev which makes Pammi very angry.

Neeti says that she knew Pammi would buy this as she always look for faults in her after which she says that she did not know that Rakesh was going to do this.

Meanwhile, the goon loads his gun and scares Pari by placing it on her head however when he pulls the trigger it does not work as the gun got jammed.

The goons leave to load their guns while Pari gets an awakening telling her to save herself from the goons for the sake of her child and Rajeev.

She sets herself free and throws a wooden chair on the goons after which she runs away.

Elsewhere, Sanju goes to the hospital and beats Rakesh while tries to make him smell the chloroform.

Rakesh runs out of the hospital while Rajeev follows him and the police follows the both of them.

Sanju puts a knife on Rakesh's throat when the police comes and promises to help him only if Rajeev cooperates.

The police keeps negotiating while Rajeev gets Rakesh hostage and puts him in the car and drives away.

Meanwhile, the goons are looking for Pari everwhere and understand that since the main door is closed that means Pari must be anywhere near hiding in the godown.

The goons are calling Pari's name which makes one of them say that if they kill Pari then Rakesh can have a change of heart and kill them for killing her.

Pari is hiding behind the wall against which the goon is standing however he goes back without spotting Pari making her take a deep breath.

Pari peaks and sees that the way is all clear so she moves ahead but she trips which makes one of the goon spot her.

He goes to her and laughs while saying that he will give her a painless death however Pari stomps her ears and then runs away.

Elsewhere, Pammi excuses herself as an epiphany strikes her while the rest of the family members discuss how much Pammi loves Pari and will bring her back no matter what.

They then stop Pammi from going out of the house as Rajveer says that wont be able to do anything alone to which Pammi says fiercely that she will show Rakesh his real face and give him a taste of his own medicine.

Rajveer says that 

Meanwhile, Rajeev takes Rakesh to his house where Rakesh says that if anything happens to him then his father will hang him.

Pammi comes and holds his collar saying that she will tell him who will be hanged.

Rakesh spots Neeti and tells her to help him which makes Rajeev go to Neeti and throw her out of the house.

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