Parineeti 17th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 17th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Ambika trying to make Pari strong and make her realize that everyone she loves has ditched her so she should kill the softest version of herself.

She asks Pari to behave strongly in front of everyone to make them feel that they have done wrong to her for which she needs to build more courage.

Just then, Gurpreet comes into Neeti's room and holds her collar, and asks her why she killed Pari which makes Neeti feel suffocating, and she asks her to leave but Gurpreet does not leave her.

The inspector comes there and asks Gurpreet to not blame Neeti for anything, but Gurpreet does not listen to him and says that she is responsible for it after which the Inspector says that she needs to prove that Rajeev killed Pari along with Neeti.

Neeti tells the Inspector that Gurpreet has lost her senses that's why she is behaving as such while Rajeev asks the inspector to arrest him then Rajveer asks Rajeev why is he saying such things.

Rajeev blames himself and says that on that day if he didn't let Pari go away from her then she would be alive and in front of him and he starts crying whereas Gurpreet asks the Inspector to arrest Neeti and Rajeev.

Inspector does not listen to her and goes from there whereas Ambika makes Pari strong and asks her to wipe off her tears as no one else will take care of her instead of herself.

On the other hand, Neeti goes into her room and Bebe also comes behind her and asks her to enjoy then Neeti yells at her and says that everyone is feeling bad for Pari like someone close to them has left them.

She says that she cannot see Rajeev in that condition after that Bebe asks her to keep her patience and Pammi meets Rajeev after which he tells her that he cannot live without Pari.

Pammi tries to explain to him that she won't return so it will be good if they accept the truth as soon as possible while Neeti brings food for Rajeev and asks him to have it but he refuses.

He says that he cannot live without Pari, so Pammi asks him to do all the things that Pari wants, and she reminds him that Pari always wanted him to become a big architect and reach all the heights of success, and build his name.

Then, Rajeev recalls Pari's words that she wants him to do all the charitable work that will be beneficial for orphans which brings tears to Rajeev's eyes while Pammi discusses with Rajveer that they have to do something to bring Rajeev out of depression.

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