Parineeti 17th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 17th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 17th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 17th May 2023 episode starts with Bebe thinking that this Bengali daughter-in-law of this Bajwa family has unknowingly poured salt on Neeti’s wound.

Bebe’s smirk soon turns into a scared expression as she finds Ranjhan entering the Bajwa house carrying Raghu on his shoulder with Pari, Rajeev, and Rajveer following him.

Ranjhan informs everyone that he knows exactly how to get the truth out of Raghu’s mouth after he throws Raghu’s unconscious body on the floor.

Looking at Raghu’s face, the color drains from Bebe’s face and she runs out of the living room to hide her face since everyone can read the worry on it.

Meanwhile, Neeti is pacing in her room angrily when Bebe walks in after locking the room door, saying that if she would have stayed in the living room any longer, everyone would become suspicious of her.

She explains that a sword is hanging over their head till Ranjhan stays in the house and Neeti replies that whenever she thinks everything is going to be all right, someone ruins her plan.

Just then, Bebe gets an idea and she informs Neeti that she knows one of Raghu’s teammates so she is going to inform him about Raghu.

Bebe even calls Raghu’s partner to inform him about the plan and the goon promises to come to the Bajwa house around 1 AM to rescue Raghu.

On the other hand, Pari stands on a stool to grab the rope from the top of the wardrobe when she stumbles slightly and Rajeev holds her tightly.

Rajeev scolds Pari for being impulsive as Pari starts feeling dizzy and looks at Rajeev with tears in her eyes.

Pari thinks that she knows Rajeev still loves the baby, which is why he is caring toward her when Rajeev orders her to sit on the bed.

She watches Rajeev pouring a glass of water for her with her heart racing assuming that Rajeev is only soft toward her because she is carrying his baby.

After Rajeev walks away, Pari sobs silently stating that she can never become a wife so she has hoped that by carrying the baby in her womb, she would become a mother.

However, now she is going to lose this baby soon as she rubs her belly gently.

Meanwhile, Neeti and Bebe unlock the back door of the Bajwa house with nervousness as they can feel the clock ticking for them.

Neeti tells Bebe that if Raghu speaks the truth, then everyone will turn against her and become loving toward Pari while Bebe advises her to stay calm.

She even shudders thinking that Rajeev will divorce her but she comes out of her dark thoughts as Bebe shakes her gently.

Due to nervousness, Neeti explains to Bebe how Rajeev was the one who fell in love with her for the first time which makes Bebe roll her eyes.

Later, Ranjhan orders everyone to go to sleep since he is here guarding Raghu and when Rajeev offers to accompany him, Ranjhan agrees.

One by one all the family members leave the living room except Bebe and Neeti who are waiting for the right opportunity to make Ranjhan inhale chloroform.

An opportunity presents itself in front of Neeti when Ranjhan leaves the room to go to the washroom and Neeti throws a glass of water on Raghu's face to wake him up.

She starts untying Raghu as soon as he opens his eyes but Parminder catches her red-handed.

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