Parineeti 17th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 17th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rishabh's mother yelling at Pari for asking her to ask for an apology from Neeti after that Rajeev gets angry over her and says that he won't tolerate anyone talking rudely with Pari.

Meanwhile, Rishabh's mother says that she has been a nurse in the maternity ward for a long time so she can tell by directly seeing the face of a lady whether she is pregnant or not after that she asks Neeti whose child is in her womb.

Pammi gets angry and says that she fully trusts Neeti and that she will never do anything wrong to ruin their image after that she asks Rishabh and his family to go from there while Pari stops her.

Pari says that if they let them go then society will make fun of Neeti so she asks Rishabh's mother to ask for an apology from Neeti, but she asks Pari to not say anything to them and she accepts that she is pregnant.

Everyone is shocked to hear it while Rishabh's mother makes fun of the Bajwa family for trusting Neeti, but they do not have any answer to say while Rishabh's mother says that Neeti is impure and a liar.

She questions Neeti about how she can be so unsure of who her child's father is whereas match matchmaker also taunts Neeti after which she says that she is not wrong.

Rishabh also scolds Neeti for lying to him and mentions her characterless after that Rajeev asks him to stop saying such things to Neeti while Rishabh's mother asks Pammi to ask for an apology from them for misbehaving.

Rajeev asks Pammi not to do anything after that everyone in the Bajwa family asks her not to say sorry to her, but Pammi goes to ask for an apology but suddenly her health deteriorates so Rajveer takes her to her room.

Amrit asks for an apology and asks them to go from there after that everyone goes from there while Bebe asks Neeti if she is pregnant.

On the other hand, Pammi's B.P. goes down whereas Neeti comes there and says that she wants to tell her something but Pammi asks her to go from there after that Rajeev also asks her to go from there so she goes.

Neeti goes to her room and enjoys after that Bebe comes there and asks Neeti how she can do such a thing that she loves Rajeev but is having someone's else child in her womb.

Then, Neeti says that the child in her womb belongs to Rajeev which surprises Bebe and she asks Neeti when it happened while Pari and Gurinder come there.

Pari asks her why didn't she tell her the truth but Rajeev comes there and takes Pari away from there and scolds her for supporting Neeti every time even knowing that she never leaves a chance to make his family feel ashamed.

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