Parineeti 18th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 18th February 2023 episode starts with Sanju telling Neeti that whatever his mother has said might be true but it is also true that he loves only her.

He requests her to listen to him while Neeti states that she has heard what Gurinder's decision is and she is not going to change her decision too.

Rajeev thinks to himself that he has to talk to his mother and goes to Gurinder.

Rajeev snatches the phone from Gurinder and confronts her asking her why she told Neeti that she can not give him the happiness of becoming a father and that she is going to get him married to another person.

However, Gurinder reasons that Rajeev is upset right now but he will get happy once he has a child in his arms.

Rajeev tells her that she is a mother but cannot have the nurture and care of a mother in her heart which is why she can say such a thing to Neeti.

He tells her that she is selfish and only wants an heir while Gurinder tells him that Neeti is of no use anymore.

Back in the hall, Neeti cries while apologizing to them and stating that she cannot bear to see Sanju with anyone else.

She rushes to her room and locks herself while the family shouts for her to open it and think calmly.

Gurinder tells Rajeev that he will have to leave Neeti and get married as per orders.

He hears Pari's shouts who is begging Neeti to open the door and joins her.

Neeti tells Sanju to understand that there are stages to a relationship and that they can never move from being a husband and wife to being parents.

Parminder rebukes Gurinder while Gurinder justifies herself by saying that she said what she thought was the best for her son.

Rajeev begs Neeti to see how he is nothing without her while Neeti tells Sanju to leave her and get married to someone who can make her happy.

Neeti tells Sanju that she is going to end her life and moves away from the door.

Bebe returns to the house while Rajeev manages to break down the door and rushes to Neeti.

Pari puts a cloth on her bleeding wrist while Neeti tells Sanju that he should let her die since she cannot see anyone with him while she is alive.

Bebe looks on and shakes her head as Pari tells Neeti to look around and see how many people love her.

However, Neeti keeps being wrapped up in her disbelief and tells her that everyone is just faking and are angry at her in reality because she took away their heir.

Pari slaps Neeti and makes her understand that everyone loves her and tells her that if she dies they all will die every moment remembering her.

Pari tells her that she is not her Neeti who was strong while Neeti has another breakdown saying that she wants to be with her child.

While wiping away her own tears, Pari tells Neeti that they will go to the best doctors and will come up with a solution while making Neeti vow to not even think about such a thing.

Later, Neeti sits with Pari and confesses that she feels Sanju has changed since he tried to hide his pain from her for losing their child.

Pari tells her that he tried to hide it because he loves her and wants her to heal first since her pain is greater than his.

Neeti says that she knows she cannot make Sanju happy since she cannot become a mother again.

However, Pari tells her that they will find a solution and hugs her saying that those who try never fail.

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