Parineeti 18th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 18th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 18th January 2024 episode starts with Rajeev throwing Neeti out of the house as he does not want her to get involved in his family business.

Meanwhile, Pari has escaped and hides behind some cars while the goons look for her.

Elsewhere, Rajeev tells Neeti if she informs the police that Rakesh is here then it will not act in her favor.

Pammi supports Rajeev and asks Sukhwinder and Neeti to get out after which Rajeev holds Rakesh's collar.

Rakesh says that he has decided to be quiet for the rest of his life starting from now which makes Rajveer punch him on his belly

In the meantime, Pari is hiding in the forest when the goons find her and laugh.

The goons ask Pari why is she so resilient to death and now he will do the job when Pari throws some powder on them and runs away.

Pari trips into a deep pit while the goons look down at her from above, several scorpions invade the pit while Pari yells for help.

Back on the road, Neeti yells and asks the driver to stop who calls her crazy.

Angry Neet steps out of the car and says that she is going back to her husband and her in-laws to which Sukheinder replies that she cannot see Neeti in this condition.

Sukhwinder says that she will not let her do this to which Neeti replies that she won't be able to live without Sanju.

Neeti says that everyone is allowed one mistake and that is why she has forgiven Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Bebe asks Rajeev and everyone to stop torturing Rakesh as it is unlawful however no one pays heed to her after which Rajeev puts a knife over Rakesh.

Rakesh immediately calls his goons to find out about Pari's whereabouts and finds out along with Rajeev and everyone that Pari has fallen into a pit.

Elsewhere, the goons decide that they need to save Pari as Rakesh is very unpredictable just when a forest manager comes and asks the goons what are they doing over here.

The manager tells them to leave the place as the dam is going to open in 5 minutes which will flood the whole place including the pit that they are standing over.

The goons ask what will happen to the person caught inside the pit to which the manager replies that the person will die in an instant.

The manager leaves after which the goons throw in a rope so Pari can climb it.

Meanwhile, Neeti reaches Rajeev's house and sees Rakesh tired over there while no one else is over there.

Rakesh tells her the whole story of Pari being in the pit which makes Neeti say that they need to reach first so that they can make sure that Pari dies.

She unties Rakesh and then they both hurry into Rajeev's spare car.

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