Parineeti 18th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 18th June 2023 episode starts with Neeti yelling at Rakesh for waiting for a specific doctor as Pari is screaming in pain.

Rakesh glares at Neeti after hearing this when a nurse suddenly arrives there who takes Pari to a hospital cabin for a check-up.

As the nurse takes Pari on a stretcher, Neeti looks at Pari with worry in her eyes while Bebe drags Rakesh away to talk.

Bebe angrily tells Rakesh that the nurse has already taken Pari to a different hospital cabin and Rakesh apologetically replies that he ordered his friend to convince a doctor but his friend failed to do it.

She even claims that she does not care if Pari’s baby gets aborted or not, her only concern is throwing Pari out of the Bajwa house.

Hearing this, Rakesh just looks at Bebe with awe while Bebe walks away from there.

After Bebe leaves, a male nurse approaches Rakesh, asking if they need any help and Rakesh replies that he needs a doctor who will help him.

The male nurse orders Rakesh to follow him with a cunning smile, saying he has a perfect person for Rakesh while Rakesh’s friend also joins them.

When the trio enters a hospital room, they meet a Dai-Ma who is famous for always pacifying the babies and Rakesh informs the lady that his would-be wife Pari has become a surrogate mother for a couple.

He clarifies that he does not want his wife to give birth to someone else’s child hence he wants to abort the baby without Pari’s knowing.

Hearing this, Daima refuses to do so, stating that Pari is doing something very noble which is why she does not want to commit a sin by killing a baby.

He pleads with the lady not to call the police while the lady sadly informs Rakesh that her daughter is suffering from cancer due to which she needs so much money.

Rakesh along with his friend looks at the lady with sympathy upon hearing this and much to their shock, the lady demands five lakhs in exchange for the abortion.

On the other hand, Neeti is holding Pari’s hand, consoling her for waiting a little bit as the doctor is coming to check on her soon.

Parminder, Gurinder, and Chandrika are watching Neeti and Pari’s bond through the window and Gurinder admits that she is scared that PariNeeti’s bond will not be the same once Neeti finds out the truth.

She announces that no woman is brave enough to sacrifice her husband for the sake of her friend.

Just then, the doctor arrives in the hospital room so everyone runs inside to find out what is wrong with Pari but the doctor orders everyone to wait for the blood test result.

As the doctor walks away, Neeti runs after her and the doctor reveals to Neeti that someone has made Pari eat something because this stomach pain is unusual.

Hearing this, Neeti's blood starts boiling as she realizes that Pari is suffering because of Rakesh and she feels guilty for bringing Rakesh into Pari's life.

Meanwhile, the lady raises her fees to seven lakhs when Rakesh declines to give her five lakhs and Rakesh finally accepts the lady's deal.

The lady then orders Rakesh to convince Pari's family that they need to let her check Pari.

As Rakesh walks away, the lady smirkingly informs the male nurse that she has lied about having a girl with cancer.

Whereas Rajeev has also arrived at the same hospital with one target only to see the original D.N.A. reports.

Later, Rakesh orders everyone in Pari's hospital room to let another doctor check on Pari because that doctor is a great person

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