Parineeti 18th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 18th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev deciding to keep Pari's prayer meeting at home for her soul's peace after which Neeti agrees to him and keeps it for Rajeev's happiness.

Everyone comes to the meeting and prays for Pari while Neeti is happy and murmurs that finally she has gone away from Rajeev's life so that she can live peacefully with Rajeev.

Later, after one year Ambika organizes a pooja for Pari and keeps her name as Parvati to signify that she is part of Parvati and Shiv and says that today Pari has taken rebirth in the form of Parvati.

Pari looks into Ambika's eye with new hope while Neeti gets ready and Babli comes into her room to ask which flower she should keep in the temple today but the thali falls from Neeti's hand but she scolds Babli for it.

Neeti holds her hand and scolds her which terrifies Babli while Mahua also hears her voice and gets terrified and says that today also Neeti got angry and she will again punish everyone for it.

Meanwhile, Ambika encourages Parvati to fight her battle with full of confidence and take revenge on everyone who has tried to kill her.

Pari after becoming Parvati decides that she will not let anyone make her feel bad this time and take revenge on everyone who has faked love to her and tried to kill her.

She assures Ambika that she will not let herself feel down this time and fight for her which makes Ambika feel happy after seeing Parvati's new side.

Then, Ambika asks Parvati to promise her that she will live a happy life and not let anyone defeat her after that she tells Parvati that she has organized a party where she will invite Rajeev's family.

Parvati opens the invitation card and murmurs that today is the same day when her loved ones made her feel bad and tried to kill her after that she recalls Rajeev's words that unless they will kill Parvati they won't live peacefully.

She gets tears in her eyes after which Ambika asks her to not cry and don't become emotional as she has made a lot of effort to gain this invitation card both emotionally and she has invested a lot of money in it.

Ambika tells Parvati that Rajeev has started making buildings and has achieved good growth in this one year and he is working on his dream project along with Neeti who is Parivartan which makes Pari's heart ache but she does not say anything.

After that, Ambika says that it is a big day for him as he and Neeti have become big business people and she tells Parvati that today is the best day when they will get to meet her.

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