Parineeti 18th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 18th March 2023 episode starts with everyone watching Pari, Rajeev, and Neeti doing the puja.

At the same time, the priest orders Pari, Rajeev, and Neeti to the aarti during which Neeti feels jealous seeing Pari holding Rajeev’s arm.

She does not show the hurt on her face and continues doing aarti with Rajeev and Pari.

Once the aarti gets done, the priest advises Pari to be extra careful as there is bad energy surrounding her but when Pari asks the priest to explain, the priest walks away to attend the call leaving Pari confused.

Meanwhile, Parminder orders Simmy to bring the dhol as the guests are to arrive very soon while Chandrika reveals that she is scared to go to the storeroom alone.

Pari tells everyone that she will bring the dhol from the storeroom and she falls unconscious when she starts walking.

Everyone including Neeti rushes to Pari to check on her while Rajeev grabs Pari’s waist which does not go unnoticed by Neeti who feels uncomfortable.

Neeti angrily announces that she will bring the dhol from the storeroom with unshed tears causing Rajeev to assume that Neeti indeed is jealous of Pari.

When Neeti enters the storeroom, she breaks down in tears as she feels that Rajeev is slowly drifting apart from her.

Noticing the dhol on the nearby shelf, she wipes her tears while muttering that Sanju only belongs to her and she will not let anyone snatch him from her.

Neeti then walks out of the storeroom with a somber expression on her face when Rajeev corners her to ask her if she really feels jealous of Pari.

Neeti feels hurt hearing this remark from Rajeev so she goes on to say that she cannot believe Rajeev really feels this way to which Rajeev replies that he knows that Neeti got hurt seeing Pari’s pregnancy report.

With anger radiating from her, Neeti reveals that she feels like setting herself and the relationship on fire.

Neeti’s response sends an electric shock through Rajeev’s mind as he recalls Neeti’s behavior in the kitchen and he asks her if she was the one who was responsible for the kitchen fire.

She walks away feeling agitated without saying anything while Rajeev whispers to himself that it can never be possible that Neeti would harm Pari.

Afterward, Pari questions Rajeev if something is wrong between him and Neeti when she notices Neeti roaming in the hall in a foul mood.

Rajeev tells Pari that he does not know and Pari comes to the conclusion that Neeti is indeed upset about not being able to get pregnant.

After Pari walks away, Rajeev confesses to Monty his suspicion about Neeti setting the kitchen in the fire to harm Pari who just orders Rajeev to not overthink.

Arriving there just then, Bebe orders Rajeev and Monty to come with her for the ritual.

Meanwhile, Gurinder orders Pari to sit so Chandrika can wash her feet and when Neeti tries to sit, Parminder orders her to stay away which hurts Neeti.

Gurinder then orders Rajeev to sit with Pari to hold Pari’s hand to promise her that he will protect her during pregnancy.

Bebe, however, creates chaos by making Pari sit with Rajeev, and even Neeti questions Rajeev if Pari is his wife.

Meanwhile, Parminder makes Bebe and Neeti understand that only a pregnant lady sits in the puja and the baby's father has to hold her hand which calms Neeti down.

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