Parineeti 18th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 18th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti getting ready for her mehendi function after which Pari comes into her room and takes her out.

Pari stands near Rajeev while Neeti stands between them while Pammi notices it whereas Neeti receives a call from someone after which she goes to attend to it.

Pammi also comes behind her and asks her why she came in between Pari and Rajeev while Neeti behaves innocently in front of her after which Pammi asks her to remove the mask of innocence.

Then, Neeti yells at her and says that she does not like the way she talks to her and goes from there while Bebe comes there and tells Neeti that she knows what is happening between her and Pammi.

Neeti behaves like she does not understand what Bebe is saying to her while Beb suggests she stay away from Pammi because she is very dangerous and if she gets to know the truth then she will kick her out of the house.

Still, Neeti behaves the same and tells Bebe that her mehendi is about to start after which she goes and joins the function while Shally does a special dance performance for Neeti but she does not react.

Shally feels bad but does not express it whereas Pari asks the designer to apply the mehendi on Neeti's hand by showing the designs which she likes the most apply it.

Neeti takes advantage of it and shows the mehendi design to Rajeev and asks about his view on it while Rajeev recalls that Neeti asked him to help her in making Shally jealous of him.

Rajeev selects the design that Neeti shows to her while Pari and Pammi feel bad whereas Shraddha ji says that they only apply the mehendi that the gods bless.

Meanwhile, Pari goes from there after which Rajeev also comes behind her but she does not talk to him after which Rajeev pulls her leg and asks if she is feeling jealous of Neeti.

Pari turns around and does not say anything after which Rajeev tells her that a little bit of jealousy is good for a healthy relationship after which Pari goes from there.

Amit overhears their conversation after which he comes inside the room and teases him while Pari meets Chandrika and tells her that for the very first time, she is feeling jealous of Neeti when Rajeev selected the mehendi design for her.

Chandrika teases her and says that her love for Rajeev is at a high peak while Neeti overhears their conversation and gets happy after which Monty comes there and asks her to come for further rituals.

Pari notices that Neeti heard her conversation after which she tells Chandrika that Neeti would be feeling bad whereas Shally asks Monty if something is cooking between Rajeev and Neeti.

After that, Rajeev comes and clarifies everything whereas Rajveer tells Shally that all these functions are for just entertainment which makes Chandrika feel offended and she tells about it to Pammi.

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