Parineeti 18th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 18th May 2023 episode starts with Parminder asking Neeti about what she was trying to do.

Hearing Parminder’s voice, Neeti freezes at one spot while Bebe also appears behind Parminder’s back.

Bebe also questions Neeti about what she is doing which causes Neeti to think that Bebe has also shifted to Parminder’s side.

She clarifies that she knows Neeti was just trying to tighten the rope around Raghu which gives Neeti a quick idea.

Neeti clears her throat to claim that she noticed Raghu’s ropes are loose which is why she was tightening it.

Parminder again questions Neeti about why Raghu is so wet and Neeti replies that she was trying to wake Raghu up so she can make him speak the truth.

When he did not wake up at any cost, she dumped the water jug over his head.

Just then, Raghu also pretends that the ropes are tight around his waist while Neeti angrily asks Raghu to reveal who has bribed him.

Instead of answering, Raghu pretends to become unconscious, and Ranjhan along with Rajeev returns to the living room.

Ranjhan quickly realizes that Raghu is doing drama by glancing at him for one second, so he slaps Raghu hard, telling him to wake up.

He then brings out a truth injection from his pocket, stating that it will make Raghu speak the truth.

Hearing this, both Neeti and Bebe get even more scared and Neeti drags Bebe away to discuss the matter without anyone noticing them.

Neeti tells Bebe that they are doomed now and Bebe replies that she does not understand what kind of degree Ranjhan has since she has never heard about truth injections.

At the same time, Raghu’s teammates meet Neeti and Bebe and Bebe orders them to take Raghu away as soon as possible.

On the other hand, in the living room, Raghu tries to escape again by pushing Ranjhan to the floor when he comes forward to inject the truth serum into Raghu’s body.

However, Raghu is unable to run out of the main door as Rajeev, Monty, and Amit grab him tightly by his collar.

Ranjhan injects the truth serum into Raghu’s body while Rajeev makes Raghu sit down on the chair despite Raghu’s pleading.

Neeti who has arrived at the living room watches the whole scenario by hiding behind a pillar and when she notices Ranjhan’s bag on the floor, she starts tip-toeing toward it to get a hold of the bag.

Before she can pick up the bag, Ranjhan orders her to return him his bag and Neeti returns it with her heart beating like a hammer in her chest.

Afterward, Neeti enters Bebe's room to inform Raghu's goons that they only have fifteen minutes left before Raghu starts speaking the truth while Bebe warns the goons about Ranjhan's sharpness.

However, the goons demand to abduct Pari in exchange for helping them and Bebe happily accepts the deal whereas Neeti is skeptical about it.

Meanwhile, Ranjhan orders Rajeev to bring everyone into the hall as he wants to reveal the truth in front of everyone so Rajeev starts looking around for everyone.

When he finds Gurinder near the dining hall, he notices a shadow walking by so he starts following it which leads him toward the switchboard where one of the goons is taking the fuse out of the electricity board.

Darkness surrounds the whole house as soon as the electricity goes away and Rajeev overhears the goon ordering someone on call to abduct Pari.

Meanwhile, Pari is talking to her baby in the darkroom when she notices a dark shadow lurking near her room door which scares her.

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