Parineeti 18th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 18th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pammi asking Neeti whose child is developing in her womb after that Neeti tells her that she is having Rajeev's child in her womb.

Everyone becomes shocked after which Pammi scolds her for playing mind games with Rajeev and doing a wrongful activity which brings tears to Pari's eyes.

She asks Pari to question Neeti why she did it but Pari recalls her old good days that she spent with Neeti while Pammi says that Neeti is not Pari's true friend.

Pammi makes allegations about Neeti and says that since day one she has been living there to take Pari's place in Rajeev's life and says that Neeti loves Rajeev.

Neeti becomes angry and says that she likes Rajeev, and she is there to snatch Rajeev from her after which Pari asks her what she is trying to say.

Then, Neeti says that Pammi is pitting fake allegations against Neeti after that Neeti tells Pari not to believe Pammi as she never wants to snatch Rajeev from her.

Rajeev yells at Neeti but she says that she did this thing to make Pari happy again as everyone denied her to become Pari's surrogate, so she conceived without taking anyone's permission.

Neeti recalls that Gurinder asked her to lie to everyone that she did all these things for Pari because she couldn't see her crying for a kid, so she decided to conceive through IVF.

Afterward, Neeti tells them that she went to the hospital for her treatment and there she got to know that her operation was successful, and she could become a mother again she remembered in bits and pieces that the Bajwa family had lost a child earlier also.

Suddenly, Neeti starts coughing so she goes to drink water while Gurinder tells everyone that Neeti is gaining her memory slowly after that Neeti comes there and she tries to convince everyone by saying that she did all these things for Pari.

Neeti acts as being unconscious after which Chandrika takes her to the room so that she can rest while Rajeev says that he will not accept Neeti's kid as his own.

Rajeev says that he wants to have a kid with Pari not Neeti so he says that Neeti can abort this child which makes Gurinder angry, and she yells at him for saying such things.

Gurinder tells everyone that the Bajwa family's child is in Neeti's womb, and she does not care if anyone accepts it or not, but she will accept it for sure.

Pammi is shocked to hear it but she does not say anything while Gurinder says that if anyone tries to harm Neeti's kid then he or she will have to face her.

Bebe gets angry with Neeti and asks her why she hid the truth from her after which Neeti says that she did everything in a hurry, so she didn't have any time to tell her.

Meanwhile, Pari tries to convince Rajeev to accept the child developing in Neeti's womb, but Rajeev refuses to accept it.

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