Parineeti 18th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 18th November 2023 episode starts with Neeti saying that she wants to close this matter from her side and then breaks into tears when she notices Rajeev not taking her side.

Rajeev says that Neeti is still his whole world but he cannot be selfish now and he tells her that for his happiness he ruined Pari's life.

Neeti tells Rajveer that she wants a divorce from him and after that, she goes from there but Pari comes behind her convincing her to not break her marriage with Rajeev.

Pari says that she does not want people to think that Neeti is wicked or selfish.

Pari asks her to not ruin her life but Neeti goes from there, Bebe blames Pari for all the drama whereas Pari gives her a befitting reply that she knows who is the real well-wisher of Neeti.

Pari tells Bebe that she will never break her friendship with Neeti while Parminder helps Chandrika with household chores.

Pammi tells Chandrika that Pari considers her elder sister so there might be certain things that she would have shared with her and that Neeti does not consider Pari as her friend now.

Pammi says that Pari is alone at this moment so she asks Chandrika to take care of Pari without telling her while Chandrika hugs her saying that she is the world’s best mother as she understands her children's pain without asking.

Meanwhile, Pammi says that she is a woman first and then a mother and she could feel Pari’s pain so she wants Chandrika to be with her every time.

Pari says that she is going to soak grams in water to make chole while Neeti asks Sukhwinder why isn’t she talking to her.

Sukhwinder replies that now nothing is left to talk.

Neeti says that she kept her ego and demand aside as per her will while Sukhwinder taunts her that if she had done this then why is staying here?

Sukhwinder says that Rajeev has shown Neeti’s place while Bebe says that she will help Neeti in removing Pari from Rajeev’s life.

Rajveer comes to Rajeev asking if he is fine or not telling him that he is like his father and he asks him to keep faith in god.

Bebe tells Neeti that Pari is trying to take control of the family members which triggers Neeti’s anger whereas Rajveer suggests Rajeev remove the ego between his and Neeti's bond.

Rajeev says that there isn't any ego from his side but Neeti always misunderstands him whereas Neeti asks Bebe to kill Pari forever.

Bebe assures her that things will work according to her will whereas Rajeev tells Rajveer that Neeti is going away from him and now he does not have much courage to bear this pain.

Rajveer asks him to keep patience and keep on trying to maintain his relationship with Neeti till the last hope while Rajeev hugs him and goes from there.

Meanwhile, Bebe sprays perfume in the kitchen to suppress the cylinder's smell and she cuts the main pipeline saying that the last time Rajeev saved her but this time no one will save her.

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