Parineeti 18th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 18th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 18th September 2023 episode starts with Bebe explaining to Shambhu to do her work carefully with any drama and Shambhu nods his head while hearing her instructions.

Meanwhile, Chandrika and Monty come toward the car where Bebe and Shambhu are discussing their plans.

Bebe sees Chandrika so she gets nervous and asks Shambhu to hide inside the car with her.

Rajveer comes to Pari and tries to convince her to stay with them only as when she goes, then everyone will feel sad.

He also suggests calling Gurpreet here only so that her wish will also get fulfilled.

Pari gets emotional and does not utter a single word while Gurinder hears everything that Rajveer is saying to Pari.

After that, Rajveer goes from there and Gurinder comes to talk with Pari.

She tells Pari that she has high expectations from her as compared to Chandrika.

She also does bitching of Chandrika and says that she does not know any Punjabi rituals so Gurinder wants Pari to follow all the rituals which Gurpreet wants.

Gurinder puts her hands on Pari's face and sarcastically asks her to leave this house as soon as possible and also says that before going, she wants to meet Pari as she has to give something auspicious to her.

Pari is surprised to see this side of Gurinder and starts crying a lot.

Meanwhile, Neeti passes from her room and sees Pari crying so she brings lemon water for her.

Suddenly, Pari feels getting unconscious so Neeti goes inside and holds her hand, scolding her for not taking care of herself.

Neeti asks her to take care of herself as her child is developing inside Pari's womb and after that, she offers lemon water to her.

Seeing so much care in Neeti's eyes, Pari hugs her and says that if Neeti will always protect her like this, she is ready to fall ill every time.

Hiding her emotions, Neeti tries to act rudely and says now their equation has changed so Pari recalls everything that happened in the past.

On the other hand, Monty collides with Rajeev so he scolds Monty but after seeing Monty sad he asks for an apology from him.

Monty says that he wants to make him realize his love for Pari so he asks Rajeev to close his eyes.

Rajeev follows his instructions and closes his eyes and sees Pari in a white dress.

Monty says that if she is Pari then she is his true love.

Suddenly, Rajeev opens his eyes and gets into a dilemma while Monty understands that Rajeev is thinking about Pari.

After that, Rajeev goes from there and gets lost in his thoughts, thinking about how unfortunate he is as he is not able to understand his feelings for Pari.

Coincidentally, Pari comes from her room and they both collide while Pari is on the verge of falling but Rajeev protects her.

He holds her hand and gets lost in her eyes.

He also says that she should not be there so Pari gets confused about what Rajeev is talking about.

She asks him about it but Rajeev does not tell her anything and goes from there while Monty hears everything that Rajeev said to Pari.

Rajeev goes into the room and recalls the moment when he imagined Pari in a white dress while Monty's voice echoes in his ears.

Meanwhile, Monty comes there and asks him about his dream while Pari goes to her room crying and there she finds Babli and ends up hugging her.

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