Parineeti 19th August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th August 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 19th August 2023 episode starts with Pari telling everyone that Rajeev is innocent.

She then walks up to the witness box and looks at Rajeev with tears in her eyes, saying she needs his presence too in her life.

Rajeev feels his heart twisting in a knot as he stares at Pari with love in his eyes and he urges Pari to take care of herself in his absence.

The court presence slowly starts fading for Pari and Rajeev as they keep staring at each other longingly.

Finally, the judge loudly orders Pari to stop doing her drama as it is court, not a drama club when Rakesh’s lawyer also accuses Pari of diverting the court’s attention from the main topic.

The lawyer even urges the judge to announce the punishment for Rajeev so Pari tells everyone clearly that Rakesh is alive.

At the same time, Chandrika enters the courtroom, carrying Rakesh in the wheelchair and then she removes the black hoodie from Rakesh’s face.

The Ahlawat family look like a scaredy cat while the Bajwa family lets out a loud gasp of shock.

Meanwhile, Pari throws a glass of water on Rakesh’s face to wake him up, explaining that Rakesh has faked his death to get Rajeev framed for it.

She further informs everyone that Rakesh brought someone else’s dead body to the morgue, pretending to be his.

Just then, Rakesh opens his eyes and tries to run away when the police force captures him.

The judge declares Rajeev innocent, adding that another chargesheet will be filed on Rakesh for fraud.

However, before the court hearing can end, Shera fires a gun as he arrives outside the door which creates chaos while the judge hides under his seat.

Shera quickly grabs Rakesh and they run out of the court before anyone can reach them.

On the other hand, the reporters start praising Pari for saving Rajeev which does not sit right with Neeti since she assumes Pari is again stealing the appreciation from her.

Rajeev tells everyone that Pari is the real hero for saving him otherwise he would have been waiting in jail for hanging.

In the meantime, Mr. and Mrs. Ahlawat act as if they were oblivious to Rakesh's actions ad to dodge the reporters' questions, Mrs. Ahlawat starts pretending to faint.

Whereas, Rakesh angrily screams at Shera during the car ride because he cannot understand why Pari has snatched everything from him.

Rakesh shouts that he loves Pari with all his heart yet Pari does not care about his whereabouts since she always chooses Rajeev over him.

When Shera begs Rakesh to forget about Pari since she is the reason for his misery, Rakesh yells in denial that he can forget his name but not Pari.

In Bajwa's house, Pari tells everyone about how she became a banjaran to find the truth about Rakesh's death which upsets Neeti even more since Pari kept the truth hidden from her.

Neeti sternly tells Pari that she went to Ahlawat's house because she was stressed about Pari yet Pari kept the truth hidden from her.

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