Parineeti 19th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th December 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 19th December 2023 episode starts with Pari standing on the edge of a wall, immediately jumping in to save the child without hesitation.

She falls but still tries to save that child from drowning while everyone panics and worries for her.

Meanwhile, Pari rescues the child, and while Monty and Jay rush to help her, she manages to bring the child out.

Pammi checks on Pari's well-being, and she assures them she's okay before Chandrika covers her with a towel.

The child's mother thanks Pari for saving their lifeline, blesses her, and then leaves.

Everyone in the family praises Pari for selflessly helping everyone but Pari tells everyone that she has learned all these things from her father.

She points out his habit of helping others and expecting the same, which upsets Neeti, causing her to leave in anger, followed by Sukhwinder.

After that, everyone goes from there when Neeti is about to fall on the road when Sukhwinder asks her to care of her otherwise, she will be injured.

Neeti tells her that it’s better to have a physical injury than pain in the heart, asking why Pari selflessly helps everyone.

Sukhwinder asks her not to feel bad but Neeti says that Pari has become everyone’s apple of the eye.

Meanwhile, Bebe comes there and says that Neeti cannot take Pari’s place because everyone has started liking her.

Neeti replies that she does not want to take Pari’s place but she just wants her old place in that family and Bebe says that she will help her.

Bebe adds that Pandit Ji has told her that if anyone falls from that bridge then that person never survives so Neeti requests Bebe to help her and bring Pari to that place at any cost.

Meanwhile, Sukhwinder tries to stop her but Neeti asks her if she genuinely loves her so Sukhwinder says that she is always there for her.

Elsewhere, Pandit ji blesses Pari for saving a life but Gurinder taunts her for killing someone with her hands while Amit tries to defend Pari when Gurinder does emotional drama, asking him to support his mother.

Pammi comes and tells Gurinder that her child knows their responsibility, asking her why she used such bad words for Pari but Gurinder asks her not to spoil her image in front of her kids.

Rajveer comes there and advises Gurinder not to behave in such a way as he considers her as a small child that’s why he is advising her.

Meanwhile, Pammi asks her why she said that Pari has done the crime of killing when Gurinder tells her that she is pregnant and instead of taking care of the baby developing inside her womb, she saved the life of another child.

Rajeev comes there and defends Pari in front of everyone, saying that she selflessly helps others and takes her back home.

However, Bebe stops her from lying that she wants to perform one pooja and Sukhwinder asks Neeti to have faith in god.

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