Parineeti 19th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th January 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 19th January 2023 episode starts with Neeti hugging Gurpreet with a cheerful smile while Rajeev stands there in silence.

Turning to Sanju, Neeti is about to say that she is with her but Rajeev quickly adds that he was just removing the thread from Neeti’s face.

Though Gurpreet gets doubtful, she just walks away from there whereas Neeti scolds Rajeev for hiding their marriage truth from Gurpreet too.

Rajeev tries to get cheesy with her by urging her to come to the room but Neeti walks away angrily after ordering him to do circles with her today.

Later, in the lawn, while Pari is talking to Gurpreet, Neeti arrives there and urges Pari to do a video call with a fake Rajeev which confuses Gurpreet.

To avoid confusion, Pari sends Gurpreet away and Neeti suggests Pari do a video call to Rajeev so she can see him while circling.

Pari tells Neeti that fake Rajeev is busy in Istanbul and she also adds that she always wants Neeti to be happy with Sanju.

Afterward, Parminder informs Pari that maybe turning seven circles around the holy fire may not be a big deal but she knows Pari’s heart will shatter to see Rajeev doing this with Neeti.

Pari just stares at Parminder with a poker face when Neeti announces that Sukhwinder is also coming so she is going to bring her here.

This news adds more stress to Pari and while Parminder is trying to calm Pari down, Rajeev arrives there.

When Rajeev complains about Gurpreet and Sukhwinder arriving on the same day, Parminder taunts him by saying that if he can have two wives then his two mothers-in-law can also arrive at the same time.

Parminder walks away after accusing Rajeev of dragging Pari into the problem always and Rajeev apologizes to Pari for this.

Meanwhile, Biji brings Pari and Rajeev to the Lohri fire so they can circle around it and she does not even listen when Rajeev says that he needs to welcome some guests.

During the phera, Pari feels as if she is betraying Neeti whereas Rajeev is worried Neeti will come again soon.

Looking at Pari and Rajeev, Parminder expresses that she knew god will do something that will force Pari and Rajeev to do the ritual together.

Biji even remarks that Rajeev does not need to check out other girls as he is already a beautiful wife when she notices Rajeev looking around.

At the same time, Neeti is shocked to see Rajeev doing the ritual with Pari and the sweets falls from her hand.

Neeti watches with wide eyes as Pari and Rajeev complete the ritual.

When Biji announces that after this Pari and Rajeev’s relationship will be strong, Neeti asks Rajeev what is going on.

Pari tries to change Neeti's mind by saying that there is nothing going on between them but Biji yells that it is Rajeev.

Even Gurpreet also yells that this is Rajeev whereas Sukhwinder announces this is Sanju, Neeti's husband.

However, Pari breaks down in tears after screaming that this is Rajeev, her husband.

Later, Neeti yells at Rajeev for marrying her through fraud and even accuses Pari of being part of this fraud.

Just then, Rajeev swears that he only loves her and even puts his hand on her head.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet still denies believing it but when Neeti mentions that she is pregnant, she falls to the ground unconscious.

While everyone gathers around Gurpreet, a doctor declares her dead after checking her nerves.

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