Parineeti 19th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 19th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 19th January 2024 episode starts with Rajeev running towards the jungle in which Pari is trapped.

Meanwhile, the goons have jumped inside the pit and follow Pari's voice to find her and they decide to kill Pari at the mere sight of her.

Elsewhere, Neeti is staring at Rakesh which makes him think that she is checking him out however she says that she has zero interest in him but is wondering how unfortunate Rakesh is that he could not marry Pari even though he had so many chances.

She keeps on bashing him and calls him good for nothing and a big fat loser to which he says that cannot lose his parents for Pari's sake and that is why he decided to kill Pari once in for all.

Rakesh then calls Neeti a loser for losing everything including her best friend and her husband which makes Neeti step out of the car angrily.

Meanwhile, Rajeev has reached and starts calling Pari's name which she hears as well as the goons.

Pari shouts back his name while Rajeev spots the pit jumps into it and then immediately starts looking for Pari.

Elsewhere, Monty is driving at full speed with the entire family to reach Pari and Rajeev after which Pammi calls Babli to lock Rakesh properly in the house.

Babli tells them that Rakesh has escaped which shocks everyone after which Pammi asks Babli to lock herself in a room.

Back on the road, Rakesh goes back to Neeti and asks her to sit in the car as she looks like a ghost haunting the streets of the city in a saree.

He says that he is just being reasonable to which Neeti says that she has a condition and that is she will drive the car.

Rakesh says after spotting the police that he needs to leave now and go through the jungle as he will surrender himself once he has killed Pari.

Meanwhile, the goons decide to leave the pit as the water might start flowing anytime while Pari and Rajeev are trying to find each other in the maze.

Back on the road, Neeti drives to the police who are holding Rakesh and Rajeev's photos, and asks her if she knows them to which Neeti says no.

Elsewhere, the goons are covering the pit with a big stone so that Pari does not escape from it.

They say that they eventually have to kill Pari so it's better that they let nature take its course as Pari is going to die anyway.

Meanwhile, Rajeev and Pari close in on each other's location by following the trail of voices after which Pari spots Rajeev from a distance as he holds his arm in pain.

They both walk towards each other slowly with eyes filled with love after which Pari gives Rajeev a tight hug.

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