Parineeti 19th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 19th June 2023 episode starts with Mrs. Ahlawat telling everyone to trust Rakesh as Rakesh loves Pari and can do anything for her so they should let him bring another doctor.

She even reminds everyone about how Pari’s pain has minimalized a lot after being admitted to the hospital as Rakesh suggested and Gurinder also agrees that they should let another doctor check on Pari.

Rakesh claims that the doctor who checked on Pari is a junior, so he wants a senior doctor to check on Pari.

At the same time, the nurse arrives in the room who orders everyone to leave the hospital room and Rakesh smirks after recognizing that this is the same nurse who was in the room with Daima.

The nurse looks at Rakesh with a wink while Rakesh puts a hand on Pari’s belly, saying that soon there will be no one will be between them which confuses Pari.

On the other hand, Rajeev is sitting in Mahesh’s cabin with only one thought in his mind about saving Pari from Rakesh.

He thinks to himself that he needs to see the report because he is fully sure that the D.N.A. report of Pari carrying Rakesh’s baby is fake.

Rajeev calls Mahesh to ask him if he can give the report as it is urgent but Mahesh orders Rakesh to wait since he is busy in surgery.

This makes Rajeev super anxious because he is sure Rakesh must be planning something crazy in the house so he tries to open Mahesh’s laptop but fails miserably.

Meanwhile, Bebe feels creeped out as she explores the forbidden section of the hospital and she is curious as she does not understand why there is an empty hallway in a big hospital.

When she finally finds her way out of the forbidden hallway, she overhears Rakesh and his friend talking about a Daima who is going to abort Pari’s baby.

She quickly declines Rakesh’s idea since she thinks Daima will not be a good option to abort the baby because it requires so many skills but Rakesh makes her understand that Daima is their safest option.

However, Neeti also somehow appears at the same time and she refuses Rakesh’s idea, claiming that she cannot let anyone harm Pari.

Hearing this, Rakesh hits his head on the wall while Bebe offers to take Neeti to the place where the abortion is being done so they can cancel it.

When they again arrive in the forbidden hallway, Bebe locks Neeti in the room, yelling that she is doing it for Neeti’s safety.

She and Neeti get into a huge argument regarding this and Neeti call Bebe heartless for not carrying about Pari’s life.

Bebe, however, gaslights Neeti by claiming that she considers Neeti as her daughter so she is doing what is best for Neeti only.

For the first time Neeti refuses to align with Bebe, instead, she pleads with Bebe to unlock the door who just walks away from there.

Later, Rakesh makes it clear to Bebe that if she tries to overstep her boundary, he will not be hesitant to kill her when she rudely orders him to get done with the abortion quickly.

They go to meet Daima who reveals that in the basement of this hospital, the compounders treat poor people and sometimes even sell their organs so Bebe should make sure Neeti does not go into the basement by escaping that room.

She even confidently claims that she will make sure Pari does not leave the hospital without her abortion and Rakesh urges Bebe to forget about Neeti for some time.

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