Parineeti 19th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 19th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Sukhwinder asking Neeti to not be so strict with Babli and other members of the house after which Neeti gets angry over her.

Sukhwinder talks about Pari from Neeti which irritates her and she yells at Sukhwinder and says that she does not think that she is her daughter as she always talks about Pari which seems like she loves her more than her.

Neeti asks her to rest in her room while Sukhwinder says that Neeti does not behave well with anyone due to which everyone gets terrified by her.

Meanwhile, Daljeet yells at Parminder and asks her to do things properly while she does not have good health since Pari left the house where Gurinder comes along with Chandrika and Bebe.

She misbehaves with Pammi and asks her to bring water for her after which Chandrika also supports her and Gurinder asks Chandrika how is she feeling after joining her team then Chandrika says that she should have joined her team earlier then she should have lived a more lavish life.

Bebe also bitches about Pammi along with Gurinder and Chandrika after that Gurinder and Daljeet go to see Neeti and she becomes happy to see Neeti so well dressed and she is about to put black Teeka but Neeti stops her.

Neeti asks her if she wants her to become Rajeev's wife or not after which Gurinder says that Pandit ji has asked them to not do any auspicious things before Pari's death anniversary.

Then, Neeti becomes angry and asks her to plan the wedding early after which Gurinder asks Daljeet to announce the wedding after the project's announcement.

Meanwhile, Pari gets ready for the party after which Ambika comes there and asks her to be confidant in front of the Bajwa family so that they can get a shock after seeing her alive.

Pari feels bad after which Ambika tries to motivate her and says that she has always got her back which makes Pari feel positive after that Neeti meets Daljeet and instructs him to not allow any journalist to ask about Pari at the party.

Daljeet assures her that he will look after it after that Rajeev also comes there and asks Neeti if everything is properly arranged for the party or not then Neeti assures him that she has looked after everything.

Rajeev asks her to take extra care of Australian tycoon Ambika and her daughter Parvati as they are their special guest for today's night after that Daljeet asks Saleel to not ask other questions that are not mentioned in the script but he asks the questions related to Pari which triggers Neeti. 

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