Parineeti 19th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 19th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari convincing Rajeev to accept Neeti's child, but Rajeev refuses and goes from there.

After that, Pari asks him to not go by leaving the things in between so Rajeev stays there and says that he does not want to fight with her just because of Neeti.

Rajeev says that he wants to spend his life with her, not Neeti nor her child after that he also says that Neeti cleverly snatched her right of becoming his child.

Just then, Rajeev receives a call from the police, so he goes to meet him when he gets to know that they have found some clue about who did wrong to his wife in hospital.

Pammi stops him and asks him to sort out the things instead of going out after which Rajeev says that he is also thinking about the same thing which she is feeling.

Rajeev says that Neeti is repeating the same thing that happened in the past while Pammi says that Pari did everything for their family's happiness, but Neeti is doing it intentionally to come back into his life.

Meanwhile, Neeti says that soon she will replace Pari and take her place in Rajeev's life while Rajeev says that he will find out what is going on in Neeti's mind in the next twenty-four hours.

Pammi becomes shocked and asks in twenty-four hours how can he find out after which Rajeev says that he will do something for it after which he goes to meet the inspector while Chandrika tells Pammi that Pari's importance in their life will never reduce.

After that, Chandrika meets Pari and asks her why she is so tense after that Pari asks her why everyone thinks that Neeti is wrong, so Chandrika says that Rajeev himself is not clear about Neeti's intentions and she goes from there.

Inspector tells Rajeev that the detective he hired is in the same city after which Rajeev takes his address and goes to meet him while Neeti meets Pari and says that she is doing all these things just for her happiness.

Pari tells Neeti that she is so happy to see that Neeti is fulfilling the responsibility of being a friend after that Neeti hugs her and murmurs that soon Rajeev will become her husband.

Pammi calls Rajeev and asks him if he got to know something then Rajeev tells her that he is going to the detective's place while Pari asks Neeti to stay there along with her.

Pari says that she would have died if she was not there after which Neeti hugs her and asks her to be happy in life while Rajeev meets the detective, but that man does not talk to Rajeev.

The detective asks Rajeev to go from there, but he does not go after which they get involved in a fight whereas Pammi wonders how Neeti got pregnant as the doctor told them that Neeti cannot conceive in her life.

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