Parineeti 19th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 19th September 2023 episode starts with Babli getting worried for Pari as she hugs her and starts crying like a child.

Pari tells her that Neeti still cares for her while Babli asks her if Neeti herself said it.

However, Pari shakes her head and with a smile, she tells Babli that Neeti comforted her like old times while a worried Babli tells Pari to spend some time with Neeti before going back home.

On the other hand, Monty asks Rajeev whom he saw when he closed his eyes and with a regretful sigh, Rajeev says that he saw both Pari and Neeti.

Monty advises Rajeev to spend some time with Pari before she goes back to Barnala or else, he will be in her thoughts only.

Monty goes to pray along with Babli for both Rajeev and Neeti.

Meanwhile, Rajeev takes a sneak peek at Pari who is cooking Neeti's favourite Gajar Ka Halwa, and admires her.

She asks him what he is looking at while an emotional Rajeev asks what she likes but all of Pari's answers only include Neeti's name.

Rajeev asks Pari if he can come and meet her in Barnala and Pari says of course.

Further, Pari remembers how he also liked her cooking when he came to see her but then gets silent looking at the aftermath of their decisions.

Rajeev goes away with a teary face while on the other hand, Parminder hears Monty and Babli praying for Rajeev and Pari.

Meanwhile, Neeti gets gaslighted by Bebe who asks her to make her mind up for the final time as Shambhu is planning to kill the baby inside Pari's womb.

Neeti takes the phone given to her by Bebe as Shambhu is on the call.

He informs them that during the function, he is going to attack Pari's stomach to kill the baby after which Bebe again reminds Neeti that Pari has snatched everything from her so Neeti doesn't go soft again.

On the other hand, Rajeev asks Monty and Babli what they were praying about but Parminder says that they were talking about him and Pari only.

Parminder tries to know what is lurking on Rajeev's mind but when he doesn't give her a clear answer, she asks him to bring Pari in the hall so she can tie a black thread on her hand.

After the call with Shambhu, Bebe ties Neeti's Dupatta into 3 knots, asking her not to open them until she gets what she wants.

With a firm voice, Bebe asks Neeti to always remember how Pari has snatched everything away from her, including her husband and her right to be a mother.

Neeti nods and Bebe's words get firm in her decision to harm Pari.

Later, Pari comes with the Halwa to Neeti's room but Neeti throws it away on the floor, asking Pari to stop pretending to be nice.

She calls Pari a liar who snatched Rajeev away but Pari denies all of this with a teary voice.

Pari explains to Neeti that she herself didn't know for a few days what had happened but Pari's words fall deaf on Neeti's ears.

Neeti reminds Pari that she has tried to kill her and asks about her sudden change of being so nice when all of a sudden, Rajeev walks into the room.

Rajeev states that this is what is going on between the duo while Neeti's jaw clenches in tension.

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