Parineeti 1st April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 1st April 2023 episode starts with Rajeev sitting with the family as he is getting late for the meeting.

Bebe and Gurinder get annoyed that Rajeev is still working for the same person even after his life was threatened because of his boss.

Rajeev tells them how much his boss apologized to him afterward and gets up to leave while Gurinder tells him to eat first.

However, Rajeev says that he is getting late while Pari comes there and tells him that he is going to be late.

In the end, Rajeev tells Pari to make a rollout of the Parantha so that he can eat it in the cab while Gurinder continues to complain about it.

Rajeev in the flow of the conversation says that not everyone is kind and brave like Pari who saved him even when she was pregnant.

Neeti gets hurt by Rajeev's words as she thinks that he does not remember her losing her child to save him.

Further, Pari goes to her mother's room and tries to convince her to not leave but Gupreet refuses to stay and sees her not being given her right.

Bebe and Sukhwinder see them and gets surprised while Bebe drags her away.

Bebe asks Sukhwinder if she wants Neeti to stay in the house of Rajeev's wife and tells her that she and Neeti should follow her advice to make it a reality.

Sukhwinder loses the goodness in her as she says that she wants Neeti happy whether it is right or not.

Later, as Sukhwinder goes to exit the house, Sukhwinder stops and takes her away with the excuse of talking to her in private.

On the other hand, Pari requests Parminder to convince her mother to stay back.

Parminder, however, takes Pari to sit in the hall and tells her that Gurpreet can only do so much for her daughter by not rebuking Rajeev and Neeti.

At the same time, Sukhwinder talks in loops with Gurpreet and lies to her that she has forgotten what she wanted to tell her.

Gurpreet leaves while Sukhwinder goes to sit beside Bebe who signals her that their plan has been set in motion.

Gurinder calls Neeti and tells her about the responsibility she was given by her mother-in-law for holding the necklace and tells her that now she wants to give it to her.

Neeti gets happy and smiles while Gurpreet thinks to herself that the family is giving the rights of Rajeev's wife to Neeti instead of Pari.

Just then, the jeweler comes there and Gurinder informs the family that she had Pari call him home to polish the necklace.

Gurpreet states that she is leaving while Gurinder tries to stop her as a form of formality.

Pari goes to get the necklace from the cupboard while Chandrika goes to get water for Gurpreet of her coughing.

Parminder thinks to herself that Pari has the right to the necklace as the rightful daughter-in-law while Pari comes there and states that the necklace is not in the cupboard.

Bebe smirks as she stands up and intentionally kicks Gurpreet's luggage which is half open exposing a jewelry box.

Gurpreet checks upon Bebe's instructions and the family gets shocked to see that it is the same jewelry set that Gurinder had intended to give to Neeti.

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