Parineeti 1st April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 1st April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 1st April 2024 episode starts with Pari telling Rajeev that no lawyer except Balli was ready to fight his case.

She tells him that the lawyer hired by Neeti also took a step back at the last moment after knowing that his guru was fighting Madhu’s case.

Rajeev feels bad and says that god is punishing him because he hurt her in the past which breaks Pari’s heart and she asks Rajeev to not think such things.

After that, she feeds Rajeev food from her hands but he does not eat after which Pari says that she will also not eat if he won’t eat.

Then, Rajeev eats the food just for Pari while Neeti gets envious of Pari and says that she cannot see Rajeev and Pari that close.

In the meantime, Madhu also comes there and murmurs that soon Rajeev will be behind bars and eating jail food.

Meanwhile, the Bajwa family waits for Jankee while Bebe says that she won’t come and Monty also says that she will not come as they think that she will not breach Walia’s trust.

Later, Rushad comes there and says that soon Rajeev will be declared the culprit after that Neeti asks him to not give his judgment without knowing the truth.

Neeti tells him that Rajeev is innocent and soon the real culprit’s truth will come out pointing out at Madhu which makes her anxious.

After some time, the hearing of the case begins and the Judge asks Madhu to tell whatever wrong has happened to her without any fear.

Madhu tells the judge that she was enjoying a drink with Rajeev after which Balli asks the Judge to note down the point that she was enjoying the drink along with Rajeev.

Then, Madhu’s lawyer argues regarding it while the Judge asks Madhu to further tell the things that happened to her.

Madhu plays her victim card and lies to judge that Rajeev mixed medicine in her drink and took her to a room where he molested her.

Neeti gets angry over Madhu and says that she knows Rajeev that he cannot do anything wrong which creates doubt in Shally’s mind and he stares at Neeti.

Shally murmurs about what is cooking between Neeti and Rajeev while Pammi cries and prays to god to give the judgment in Rajeev’s favor.

Chandrika consoles Pammi and asks her to not worry at all while Pari awaits Jankee Ji murmuring that she is her last hope.

Meanwhile, the judge asks Pari to call Jankee Ji whereas the Lawyer asks the Judge to give them some time as Jankee Ji is stuck in traffic.

Madhu’s lawyer tells the Judge that Balli is just wasting their time and says that rules and regulations are equal for everyone.

Then, the Judge asks Balli to call Jankee otherwise she will pass on the judgment Jankee just reaches there which surprises Rushad and Madhu while Pari gets a ray of hope by seeing Jankee Ji at the threshold of the court's room.

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