Parineeti 1st December 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 1st December 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 1st December 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 1st December 2022 episode starts with Neeti ordering Sanju to accompany her to Rajeev's home.

Neeti further adds that she does not understand why Pari still loves Rajeev despite knowing he does not love her while Sanju looks irritated.

On the other hand, Babli is busy giving Biji a leg massage when she notices Monty passing by and she calls him a goat for his cloth.

Monty gets agitated hearing this and starts bickering with Babli while Biji grins.

Meanwhile, an irritated Sanju yells to Neeti’s face that Pari can handle her personal matter so Neeti should stay out of it when Neeti urges him to do this.

Neeti stands there in shock but Sanju storms away from there.

Once outside the room, Rajeev questions God why Neeti is so determined to find Rajeev as it can expose his truth and he does not want to lose Neeti.

Entering Pari’s room, Rajeev finds the room empty and he starts searching the house for her.

In the meantime, an upset Neeti decides to talk to Pari to feel better as Pari is the only one who understands her perfectly.

Rajeev on the other hand finds Pari in the kitchen making bread jam and offers to cook something for her like a caring husband.

Pari denies it at first but noticing Rajeev’s persistence, she questions him why he is doing this in a sad voice and Rajeev replies he is just trying to impress Biji.

Hearing Biji’s name, Pari closes her mouth and says she will eat in the room with a gloomy expression.

However, grabbing Pari’s waist, Rajeev puts her on the kitchen island and pleads with her to eat with him for now.

Pari feels her heart shattered into places seeing Rajeev taking care of her whereas Rajeev gets confused as he is not sure why he cares for Pari so much.

Elsewhere, in Pari’s room, Neeti starts looking around the room and when she finds Pari and Sanju’s wedding photo, she feels as if someone has knocked the wind out of her body.

She decides to confront Sanju and Pari before jumping to any conclusion but gets even more shocked when she finds Pari and Sanju lost in each other eyes and runs away from there in tears.

As soon as Neeti enters the room, she breaks down in tears while Pari and Sanju’s close images flash in her mind.

She tries to assure herself that she is wrong but she feels jealous of Pari and Sanju’s closeness.

After a while, Neeti calms her racing heart and decides she will talk to Pari and Sanju to find out the truth.

Neeti arrives in the kitchen when Sanju is helping Pari to walk and questions them about what is going on.

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