Parineeti 1st February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st February 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 1st February 2023 episode starts with Parminder telling Rajveer that if he learns about the news, he will faint.

Standing up from the bed, Rajveer urges Parminder to let him drink water for this and Parminder informs him that Bebe, Biji's mom is coming.

Parminder even panics about Neeti, Pari, and Rajeev’s situation when Rajveer suggests they should tell her the truth about Neeti being Rajeev’s wife.

The very next moment, Parminder lets out her anger at Gurinder for running away before Bebe’s coming and Gurinder yells that she and Bebe do not go along with each other so it will be better for her if she does not stay here.

Gurinder adds that she does not tolerate someone disrespecting her all the time and also taunts Parminder by saying that since it is her home, so she should take care of them.

While Parminder is urging Chandrika to not utter any Bengali words in front of Bebe, Gurinder smirks as no one knows her real plan.

Later that night, the whole family assembles in the hall for Bebe’s arrival.

Parminder orders everyone to behave properly in front of Bebe as she is very particular about tradition.

At the same time, the doorbell rings but no one has the guts to open the door and meet Bebe but Pari volunteers to open the door.

When Pari opens the door, Bebe looks at her sternly, and Parminder runs to touch her feet with veil on her head.

Bebe asks Parminder about Pari’s identity and Parminder announces that she is Sanju’s wife but corrects herself by adding that she is Sanju’s wife, Neeti’s friend.

Bebe then asks Parminder if she has lost her culture as she has not brought water to clean her foot, causing Parminder to look scared.

When Pari mentions that she will bring the water, Bebe screams that there are so many people in the home yet an outsider is offering help.

Monty and Simmy think Bebe is taking everyone’s class just after her arrival while Bebe scolds everyone for small mistakes.

When Bebe’s eyes fall on Rajeev and Neeti, she refuses to recognize Rajeev but Rajeev wins her heart by hugging her and apologizing.

As Neeti is unable to lower her head much for the blessing, Rajeev informs Bebe that Neeti is pregnant and Bebe gets extremely happy.

Bebe even scolds Chandrika for wearing a saree in a Punjabi household, causing Chandrika’s face to fall.

She orders Neeti and Rajeev to do puja in the temple and distribute food among eleven baggers and Rajveer urges Bebe to take some rest.

Bebe orders Neeti to come with her and calls Rajeev "Joru Ka Gulam" when he offers to accompany them.

While walking away, Bebe gives Pari death stares as if she can see right through Pari but Pari just gives her an awkward smile.

On one hand, Pari is in denial as she cannot figure out why she feels upset after being called Neeti's friend, on the other hand, Bebe warns Neeti about Pari.

Bebe adds that Pari will steal Rajeev from Neeti and become his second wife but Neeti refuses to believe this.

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