Parineeti 1st February 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 1st February 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 1st February 2024 episode starts with Pari remembering how she always told Neeti the truth and Pari promised to always be her friend even if Neeti is in the wrong.

Then, Pari lies to Neeti with a heavy heart that everything is okay when the doctor comes and tells Neeti that Pari has to go now which makes Neeti upset.

Later, the doctor tells the family that Neeti has forgotten a lot of parts of her past and only remembers from the time when Rajeev and Pari got married.

After that, Daljeet comes there however Pammi holds his arms and drags him out.

Meanwhile, Rakesh is drowned in his melancholy when his dad comes and tells him that tomorrow a proposal is coming for Rakesh and he will get married there.

Further, Rakesh angrily throws a vase and says that he will only get married to Pari and that he will only do what he wants to.

Back at the hospital, Daljeet says that he did nothing wrong as Pari is in the wrong.

There, Pammi says that she loves Rajeev more than she ever loved Daljeet and that is why she will break all her relations with him.

After that, Daljeet says that she cannot deny the fact that he is her blood and that is why she will have to pay for it as he will come back and then they all will realize what treason they committed.

Later, the doctor tells the family that they should not attempt to make Neeti remember her past as it can lead her into a coma and then tells them that Neeti is free to be taken home.

Meanwhile, Pammi tells everyone that Neeti will not go to their house.

However, Pari and Rajveer try to convince Pammi to let Neeti stay with them but Pammi is not at all convinced.

Further, Pari goes inside Neeti’s hospital ward again where Neeti asks about Pari’s dad's reaction to her marriage with Rajeev, she also asks Pari to call Vicky so that he can pick her up from there.

This makes Pari’s eyes pool up with tears and she decides to rush outside.

Then, she goes to Pammi and requests her to let Neeti stay with them as right now if Neeti goes back to her house then she will find out everything and that will cause her stress.

Meanwhile, Rajeev also vouches for Neeti and says that Pari is right and they should take her home.

After that, Pammi says yes and says that when Neeti improves even a little then she will be sent to her own house after which Pari goes to Neeti and tells her that she will call Vicky later as for now, Neeti should come along with Pari to her house.

However, Neeti asks what will she do in her house to which Pari replies that she needs Neeti's help in adjusting to the new house and family.

Later, Pari asks Neeti if she will stay with her for a few days to which Neeti replies that she is ready to spend her whole life with Pari.

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