Parineeti 1st July 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st July 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st July 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 1st July 2023 episode starts with Rakesh telling Rajeev that he will not let any strange man either touch or eye Pari at all.

He looks at Rajeev pointedly while Rajeev keeps his eyes lowered out of fear of Neeti’s presence and Neeti sternly asks Pari if she is okay or not.

As Pari nods her head, Neeti rudely orders Rajeev to come with her because they need to give Pari and Rakesh some alone time together.

Like an obedient husband, Rajeev follows Neeti out of the room and Pari watches him leave with sadness.

After Neeti and Rajeev leave, Rakesh intentionally puts the sanitizer over Pari’s wound which hurts Pari very much so she starts winning in pain.

Rakesh rudely reminds Pari that she should keep this in mind that he will not tolerate Rajeev being around Pari once he marries Pari.

He even advises Pari that she should dream about what they will do after their marriage but Pari looks at him with angry tears.

Meanwhile, in Neeti’s room, Neeti yells at Rajeev for being shameless around her as she can see how Rajeev has suddenly started being a little too physical with Pari.

However, Rajeev declines Neeti’s accusation, stating that he is just giving Pari emotional support but Neeti reminds him how he kissed Pari’s forehead in front of her.

This makes Rajeev extremely angry so he shouts that he does not understand why Neeti is jealous of her best friend.

Further, he also states that he is going away as he does not want to keep arguing with her.

Neeti gets even angrier as she thinks Rajeev does not care about her well-being anymore and tears blur her vision.

Later, Pari looks out of the window, feeling hurt as she recalls how Rajeev was being so soft toward her whereas Neeti and Rajeev sleep without even looking at each other.

On the other hand, Mrs. Ahlawat orders Rakesh to get proper sleep as she has arranged a haldi function the next day in their house.

Mrs. Ahlawat then walks away while Rakesh thinks he will let Pari enter his house only after Pari aborts the baby.

He also drenches himself in alcohol with a devilish grin on his face as he thinks Pari belongs to him only in this life.

Rakesh shatters his whole room, grumbling that he will never let Rajeev back into Pari’s life again and he also burns PariRaj’s picture.

The next day, Rajeev apologizes to Neeti for being rude last night but Neeti only assumes that Rajeev is doing it just to make sure Pari’s wedding function does not get ruined.

Rajeev also hugs Neeti to assure her that he still loves her when Neeti excuses herself to bring Pari out of her room.

When Neeti enters Pari's room, Pari hugs her tightly, thanking her for risking her life whereas Neeti thinks Pari has crossed her limits last night.

Neeti also advises Pari to come with her and they meet Rajeev in the hallway who urges Neeti to let him take Pari to the living room.

After Neeti walks away, Rajeev questions Pari if she is really eager to marry Rakesh and Pari replies that she is marrying willingly which gets overheard by Neeti.

Before Neeti can confront Rajeev again, Bebe drags her back to the room.

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