Parineeti 1st July 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 1st July 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with the constable arresting Neeti which makes everyone wonder what is happening whereas Bebe asks the Inspector how they can take Neeti along with them.

Neeti argues with the inspector which makes him angry, and he scolds her saying that he will apply more charges on her for arguing with him whereas Pari goes from there with so much confidence in her eyes.

The inspector scolds Neeti when she comes to jail and says that she cannot talk to him like that while Gurinder and Daljeet ask the Inspector to let them talk to Neeti.

He does not allow them and says that she does not have basic etiquette, so he won't be allowed after that Gurinder requests him to let her meet Neeti as she is her would-be mother-in-law.

Then, he allows her to go and meet Neeti so she tries to explain to Neeti to think properly without taking any certain decision Neeti says that if she is there, she will bring them inside the bar.

Gurinder stares at her face but does not say anything after that she goes from there whereas Pari gives evidence against Neeti Juneja which makes Ambika feel happy seeing Pari taking a stand for herself.

She tells Parvati that she is proud of her and wants her to fight for her rights and she is happy to see that now she can see the situations and make decisions accordingly.

Pari says that Neeti has kept her mother and sister at her place to manipulate them but soon she will teach Neeti a lesson that she needs to learn.

She tells Ambika that Neeti cannot become a mother which is her karma whereas Rajeev calls a lawyer and requests them to do something to bring Neeti out of jail.

Gurinder comes there and asks Rajeev to do something for Neeti as she is his would-be wife while Rajeev says that he is trying his best to bring Neeti out of jail.

She tells him certain things about Parvati after that Rajeev also accepts that she is Parvati and tells her that he saw certain things that Parvati did and taunted Neeti which there Pari would never have done.

After that, he goes to receive a call while Gurinder tells Daljeet that Neeti can even kill Parvati whereas Neeti meets Bebe in jail and discusses Ambika and Parvati.

Neeti becomes terrified and she starts yelling at Bebe and asks her to go away from there after that Bebe asks her to calm and she goes away from there.

Meanwhile, Rajeev notices a pendant lying on the floor after that Gurinder also notices it and they discuss it which makes Rajeev think about it and he goes to meet Neeti in jail and shows her the pendant about which she was discussing with him.

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