Parineeti 1st June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 1st June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Gurinder sending Neeti back to her house after which Pammi asks her why she sent her then Gurinder tells her that so many obstacles are coming in the marriage so she sent her.

Rajeev assures Pari that he will not leave her while Pari goes to meet Neha and she tells her about the things that Neeti did to her but she doesn't mention Neeti's name,

Just then, Neha's mother calls her after which she asks her to come back while Pari starts searching for the lady who harmed her and she gets to know that Neeti is the lady who harmed her and killed her child.

Pari curses herself for believing in Neeti and making her marry Rajeev whereas Neeti holds Gurpreet's photo and murmurs that she is missing her.

On the other hand, Pari roams on the road and recalls everything and how Neeti politely misbehaved with her and was trying to snatch Rajeev from her.

She breaks down into pieces but anyhow she collects courage and comes to Neeti's place which surprises Neeti and she goes to see Pari.

Meanwhile, Pari stands at the door and Neeti asks her what happened after that Pari starts crying but Neeti hugs her and consoles her that she will rectify everything.

Pari says that she has come to know about her truth which surprises Neeti while Pari says that she is not able to believe that she did so much wrong to her.

After that, Neeti holds Pari's hand and takes her into the room, and gives her a glass of water whereas Rajeev is worried about the ongoing situation then Pammi comes there and asks him what happened.

Rajeev says that he is feeling helpless as he is not able to manage the things going on whereas Pandit ji asks Pammi to call Neeti for engagement while Pari blames Neeti responsible for killing her child.

Neeti gets shocked and becomes sweet in front of her and asks how can she even think about it and she never expected it from her whereas Pari asks her why she did so badly with her.

Pari asks her why she hates her up to such an extent that she killed her child and says that she even didn't believe in her sister when she said that Neeti intentionally locked her in the washroom.

Neeti says that she is still the same and she is doing such a big thing for her but Pari asks her not to lie to her and tell the truth that she is the only one who pushed her into the well.

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