Parineeti 1st March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 1st March 2023 episode starts with Neeti yelling that Parineet used to be her biggest supporter since childhood, but she has backstabbed her.

When Pari begs Neeti not to call her Parineet anymore as it hurts her very much, Neeti announces that from now on, she only has one relationship with Parineet, which is called “Sauten”.

Neeti even pushes Pari in anger, and Rajeev grabs her in his arms, adding more fuel to Neeti’s anger.

As Pari pleads with Neeti to let her explain, Neeti announces that she cannot even make eye contact with Bebe anymore since Bebe has told her a million times to keep Sanju away from Pari but she never listened.

Hearing this, Gurinder and Parminder shoot daggers at Bebe with fuming anger who just smirks.

Meanwhile, Neeti accuses the whole Bajwa family of betraying her for their son, Rajeev, and the heir after she falls to the ground, crying.

Pari again tries to talk to Neeti who continues yelling that she thought that she is the luckiest girl in the world since she got a loving family.

She mocks the whole Bajwa family by saying that she was unaware they were too blinded by their greed for a baby and to stoop this low.

At the same time, she angrily grabs Pari to throw her out of the house, despite Pari’s urging to let her speak.

While dragging Pari, Neeti announces that their friendship has ended today after Pari has become the second wife of Rajeev.

As Pari stands at the entrance with tears in her eyes, Neeti reminds her that in Barnala, everyone used to praise Pari and Neeti for their friendship but Pari has ruined their relationship.

Afterward, Neeti runs back to the hall, followed by Pari who again begs Neeti to let her talk but Neeti refuses to listen.

As Rajeev orders Pari to let him speak, Pari tells him that it is between her and her friend but Neeti says that there is only one relationship between them now and it is "Sauten".

Rajeev orders Neeti to not call Pari "second wife", causing Neeti to get angrier and she announces that now, Rajeev is also taking the side of his second wife.

She announces that she swears by the holy fire from now on, she will nurture the relationship of being sauten in a cold voice.

Afterward, Neeti brings a suitcase to leave and when Rajeev urges her to stay, she throws her suitcase away which hurts Pari.

With a jolt, Neeti comes out of her nightmare only to find herself in Bebe's arms and when Neeti tries to find Pari, Bebe stops her.

On the other hand, a sober Rajeev questions Monty if he was doing the "Naagin" dance during his drunk state when Monty questions him if he does not remember anything.

Neither Monty nor Babli informs Rajeev about his fake marriage with Pari and Rajeev happily walks away.

After Rajeev walks away, Monty calls Babli his "problem" to tease her whereas, Pari washes her face in the washroom mirror, being completely oblivious of Neeti's growing anger toward her.

Meanwhile, Bebe manipulates Neeti by saying that if she reveals knowing the truth, everyone in the Bajwa house will side with Pari so Neeti has to play in Pari's style to throw her out of the house.

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