Parineeti 1st May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 1st May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 1st May 2023 episode starts with Pari thinking to herself that Rajeev betrayed her yet she trusted him as she has always assumed that Rajeev has become her friend.

Just then, the doctor walks in, attracting everyone’s attention and Rajeev urges the doctor to reveal the truth while Bebe whispers in Neeti’s ears that she has backstabber friends.

Pari also begs Maya to reveal the truth as she is facing humiliation despite being innocent.

Maya then announces that someone from the hospital must have sent the abortion form by mistake and Rajeev lowers his eyes feeling guilty.

Parminder on the other hand thinks to herself that she got so blinded by the love for the baby that she did not even consider for once that Pari can never lie since Pari has drunk the poison in order to save this family.

Rajeev also begs Pari’s forgiveness for doubting her while Pari announces that she will never try to harm this baby.

With furious eyes, he questions Maya about how this kind of mistake can happen as due to her he was about to lose his baby, and threatens to call the police if Maya does not speak the truth.

Bebe requests Neeti to make the doctor leave otherwise, they will be thrown out of the house but Neeti denies doing anything since Rajeev is already suspicious of her.

However, Maya soon turns the table by stating that she cannot lie for Pari any longer as it was Pari who ordered her to lie in front of the Bajwa family,

As everyone stares at Maya with confusion, she clarifies that Pari is the one who tried to get rid of the baby yet Rajeev still calls Maya double face as she is saying two different things at the same time.

Pari also pleads with Maya to not shed dirt on her character as she can lose everything due to this lie but Maya simply walks away from the house.

Bebe suddenly comes forward to degrade Pari so she can divert everyone’s minds from the doctor and she even calls Pari a heartless person for trying to kill Neeti’s baby.

Neeti also tells Pari that Pari has tried to break into her home by trying to kill the baby with pretends anger as her inner self is jumping with joy.

Finding hatred in Neeti’s eyes, Pari thinks to herself that she is walking on the route of needles so Neeti can walk through flower roads yet she is a villain in Neeti’s eyes.

Pari then calls Gurpreet so she can prove herself innocent and Gurpreet tells everyone that she has not signed any abortion form as she does not want to throw dirt on her daughter’s character.

However, Bebe snatches the phone away from Pari, yelling that Gurpreet herself always throws dirt on everyone’s character yet now she is being protective of Pari’s character.

Pari does not let Bebe speak any further as Gurpreet is a heart patient and Rajeev orders Pari not to say anything more.

Pari watches with tears in her eyes as one by one all the family members walk away while she falls near the couch, crying her heart out.

Meanwhile, Neeti feels relaxed as now Pari is standing alone just like she was and she justifies her actions by claiming that a person should face her own karma in this life only.

She promises herself that she will abort Pari's baby very soon and throw her out of this house.

Rajeev arrives in the room so he pulls Neeti in for a hug.

Whereas Chandrika informs Amit that she is sure someone is trying to frame her but Amit advises Chandrika to not conjure any story.

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